March 29, 2023

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Saudi Arabia .. Argument on Twitter between former football stars Fouad Anwar and Fahad Al-Harifi.

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Fouad Anwar and Fahad Al-Harifi

Former Saudi footballer Fahad al-Harifi’s criticism of the status of Al-Nasser club players in their last match provoked an unexpected reaction from former player Fouad Anwar.

Al-Harifi criticized al-Nasr club 1-1 with Al-Fayha in a clash between the two teams on Saturday evening.

Al-Harifi said in a tweet: “Victory is failure, no style or team game is imposed, everyone loses in the middle of the loss and the defensive ball does not start properly. And if we come up with a defensive character. Three points is a win, of course my words do not always like you.”

He added: “At least I’m being honest with you, focusing on my team’s calendar, changing all his tweets, leaving his company and going to other clubs. I am your only excuse to hide.

Following this tweet, Anwar responded in a stern tone, “Do not respect you, do not show people in front of people, I will give you in your head.”

Later, Anwar criticized the players of “Al-Nasr” club, acknowledging the “poor performance of the players and the incomprehensible changes of the coach”.

Source: “Twitter”

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