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Saudi Arabia.. “Calling for Boycott” Muhammad al-Issa’s Sermon at Arafa Stands The Number of Security Personnel and Attendance Induces a Mutual Correlation.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Activists circulated photos and videos on social media of the massive turnout at the Arafat Day sermon at Namira Mosque, which was delivered by Muhammad Al-Issa, the Secretary-General of the Muslim World. League, president of the Muslim Scholars Association, which sparked a connection.

Activists highlighted images of numerous worshipers after the “boycott calls”, where the owner of Salman bin Hathl’s account posted the images in a tweet, in which he said: “The visuals of pilgrims at Namira Mosque after the boycott are reassuring that everyone is tired of being led behind those hired beards who call for extremism. and defection from the group! Glory to those who make their efforts ‘scourge upon them’! Influence and those who support them are weightless illusory accounts.”

Regarding the number of security elements during Arafa’s sermons and its association with the person of Muhammad al-Isa, activists circulated images of Arafa sermons in previous years, highlighting that this was a routine security measure.

The appointment of the Secretary General of the Muslim World League as the Arafa Day preacher in Saudi Arabia has sparked widespread reactions on Twitter, with many tweeters hailing the choice of a “centrist” preacher to address the public. Religious occasion, some went on to criticize this choice.

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