March 29, 2023

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Saudi Arabia is green on its National Day ... and beyond

Saudi Arabia is green on its National Day … and beyond

The variety of buildings and squares is illuminated by the aesthetic and afforestation effort

A green dress appeared in buildings in Saudi cities preparing for tomorrow to celebrate Saudi National Day and its 91st anniversary. This bright image has a quality look that supports the presence of Green Saudi in environmental trends in its color. Green Saudi Arabia ”initiative and another project that shines in the capital Riyadh, appeared during the afforestation project.

Saudi cities were transformed into green ornaments decorated with flags and lights, transformed into paintings adorned with the colors of the green flag, and created the initial image of a greener future you see in the future.

These colors will have a truly different perspective, representing the future of Saudi cities, which will be green all year round, with the “Green Saudi Arabia” initiative, which covers an area of ​​40 million hectares with 10 billion trees desert lands to improve air quality and contribute to mitigation of storms. Sand, desertification, lowering the temperature.

The project is an extension of the “Green Middle East” initiative, which aims to avoid the environmental challenges facing the region such as desertification, air pollution and high temperatures, and to create a cleaner environment and cleaner air for those living in the region.

Saudi Arabia is preparing to launch the Green Middle East Initiative Summit on October 25, which will bring together regional and world leaders with the aim of co-ordinating efforts to implement common environmental obligations. The summit will also see the formation of the first coalition aimed at combating climate change in the Middle East. A platform aimed at encouraging investment in the environment and transferring knowledge to the face will be launched from it. Common challenge

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At the summit, the Green Saudi Initiative Forum will highlight Saudi Arabia’s efforts to protect the environment, lead world leaders, and lead to the launch of innovative solutions that contribute to combating climate change.