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Saudi Aramco and Hyundai Motors jointly produce fuel for hybrid cars


Saudi Aramco and Hyundai Motors jointly produce fuel for hybrid cars

Includes formulation of optimal fuel formula that can be used with the new combustion system

Tuesday – 26 Shaban 1443 Hijri – 29 March 2022 AD

Research team from Saudi Aramco, KAUST and Hyundai (Middle East)

Riyadh: “Middle East Online”

Saudi Aramco, Hyundai Motors and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have announced a joint research collaboration to develop higher fuel efficiency for low-fuel internal combustion engines, with the aim of reducing total vehicle carbon dioxide emissions.
The two-year partnership involves developing the best fuel formula that can be used with a new combustion system in a hybrid electric vehicle. The research team aims to find the best ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by designing a low fuel consumption combustion system in a modern hybrid car.
All three partners have unique experiences enhancing partnerships as Saudi Aramco will design the optimal fuel formula using its extensive experience in research and development of fuel chemical formulations. Hyundai Motors, a leader in technology and automotive, is engaged in conducting experiments with a team of researchers from the Clean Combustion Research Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, while providing the latest and most advanced lightweight engine engines.
Ahmed Al-Quwaiter, chief technology officer at Saudi Aramco, said: “With the proliferation of hybrid electric vehicles, the real challenge now is to find vital steps to find the right fuel for high-capacity combustion systems. In this regard, the Saudi Aramco team will offer its practical experience in designing and installing advanced fuel to improve the combustion efficiency of Hyundai Motors engines. It undoubtedly increases our enthusiasm to be a part of this experience and motivates us to make more efforts in this field.
Alan Raboso, Managing Vice President, Hyundai Motor Group, said: “Electric vehicles powered by batteries or fuel cells are the best technology for the Hyundai Motor Group to achieve carbon neutrality in traffic. Our green internal combustion engine technologies that combine green fuel with a low-burning petrol engine will provide the perfect solution to effectively reduce greenhouse gases when switching to cleaner transportation such as electric cars.
In the same context, Professor Donal Bradley, Vice President of Research at KAUST, said: “Creating transportation systems with high efficiency and low pollution contributes significantly to the round carbon economy approach, which aims to combat climate change. The Center has an outstanding track record in developing and improving low carbon fuels.We look forward to working with our colleagues at Saudi Aramco and Hyundai on this project.
It is noteworthy that Saudi Aramco has been making great strides in the field of research and development through efforts to accelerate the development of advanced transport technologies that contribute to reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. To this end, the company’s research centers in Tehran, Paris, Detroit and Shanghai will form partnerships with leading companies in the automotive industry worldwide.

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