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Scientist shows the maximum number of planets that can orbit the Sun



Scientist shows the maximum number of planets that can orbit the Sun
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Our solar system has an unusually large number of planets compared to other known planetary systems.

In total, there are about 812 known planetary systems, each with three or more confirmed planets, and only one known planetary system with as many planets as our Solar System, Kepler-90. encyclopediaPlanets outside the solar system“.

From this we can see that our solar system is the most densely populated system with its eight planets, although the smaller inner planets have not yet been discovered in these outer planetary systems. But is this the maximum number of planets that can orbit the Sun, or is there room for more?

According to the science website “Live Science,” to calculate the absolute maximum number of planets that can orbit the Sun, we have to go into the theoretical world and ignore some natural factors that limit the number of planets that can form. . One of the best ways to do this is to design or engineer an entirely new solar system from scratch.

Sean Raymond, an astronomer specializing in planetary systems at the Bordeaux Astrophysical Observatory in France, has already done this. He designed what he called the “Ultimate Engineering Solar System” in which the number of planets was determined according to a few key variables.

1- Factors affecting the number of planets

Sean Raymond tells Live Science that the structure of a planetary system is the result of many complex factors, such as the size of the star, the size of the planets, whether they are rocky or gas giants, and the number. The moons orbiting each planet, the location of large asteroids and comets, those in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars and the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune, as well as the direction of the planets’ orbits and the amount of remaining material from the Sun or star to form the planets. It takes hundreds of millions of years of intense collisions and gravitational forces between planets for the system to settle into a stable configuration.

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Raymond says that if we become a highly advanced civilization with technology and resources beyond our current capabilities, we will be able to overcome many limitations and design a solar system with a large number of planets.

2- The number of planets is defined by the number of orbits

In an engineered solar system, the maximum number of planets is limited by the number of planetary orbits you can put the Sun in a fixed configuration.

And when a planetary system becomes unstable, the planets’ orbits begin to intersect, collide, or become separated by gravity, and fly out of the system or orbit each other.

The minimum safe distance between the orbits of different planets in a fixed system depends on the size of each planet, or more precisely its “hill radius”. The Hale radius on a planet is the distance between the planet and the edge of its sphere of influence, where low-mass objects such as the Moon orbiting Earth are affected by its gravitational pull.

More massive planets exert a stronger gravitational pull, meaning they have larger Hale radii. According to NASA, the distance between Earth and Mars is about 78.3 million km, which is seven times smaller than the distance between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, which is about 550.7 million km.

For this reason, the number of orbits that fit into the solar system depends largely on the size of the planets. For example, Jupiter is 300 times larger than Earth, meaning the Hale radius is about 10 times larger. This means that 10 separate Earth orbits could fit in the same space as Jupiter’s current orbit. So to increase the number of planets in a system, we need to make those planets as small as possible.

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On the other hand, the number of orbits can be increased through the idea of ​​”reverse orbits”. In the current solar system, all the planets orbit the Sun in the same direction because the planets formed from a large cloud of dust that orbited the Sun in the same direction. However, a well-designed solar system may have planets orbiting the Sun in opposite directions, known as “reverse orbits”. It can be used to increase the number of orbits.

If two planets orbit the Sun in opposite directions, the gravitational forces between them may weaken slightly, reducing the minimum safe distance between their orbits.

3- 42 planets in one orbit

Each orbit in the solar system is assumed to contain only one planet. But if we want to maximize the number of planets in our engineered solar system, we want to put as many planets in the same orbit as possible, if they are far enough away to be stable.

In a study published in Astrodynamics and Dynamical Astronomy in 2010, scientists determined the number of planets that could share an orbit, and found that 42 Earth-sized planets could share an orbit.

But, according to Raymond, the chances of these many planets naturally sharing an orbit are almost zero, because that would require all the planets to be the same size and form at the same time.

4- Maximum geometry solar system

Sean Raymond used his computer simulations to calculate the theoretical maximum number of planets our solar system could have, based on the above key variables, and published the results on his Planet Planet blog.

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In his model, Raymond used equal-sized (Earth-sized) planets with opposite orbits. Also, Raymond’s engineering system extended from the Sun up to a thousand astronomical units (AU) instead of the current 100 AU. According to the European Space Agency, this can be further extended by the effect of the Sun’s gravity. The astronomical unit represents the average distance between the Sun and Earth’s orbit, which is about 150 million km.

If we take all this into account, our solar system can accommodate 57 orbits, each containing 42 planets, so the total number of planets is 2394 planets.

If planets one-tenth the size of Earth were used, our solar system would accommodate 121 orbits, each containing 89 planets, for a total of 10,769 planets. If the planets were one-hundredth the size of Earth, there could be 341 orbits with 193 planets each, for a total of 65,813 planets.

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But at the same time, the organization says there are about one billion people with disabilities who lack access to these technologies. Forbes.

In conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which falls on December 3 every year, let’s take a look at the services that artificial intelligence can provide to them:

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These technologies provide descriptions of images and people for the visually impaired.

On the other hand, there are text-to-speech technologies that help people with brain diseases, such as Google’s Parrotron app.

Learning opportunities

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At the business leader level, learning pathways can be implemented to ensure employees receive the training they need based on their skills.

AI tools can also be used to identify skill gaps within an organization.

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It also enables them to live independently within the home with voice commands to operate various devices.

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There are other programs like RogerVoice and Ava that use artificial intelligence to transcribe group conversations for the hearing impaired.

These technologies and tools supported by artificial intelligence can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

This will contribute to their daily life and reintegration into their surroundings, a task that would be impossible without these skills.

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Very important information about the Rights of Persons with Disabilities system approved by the Council of Ministers

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BREAKING: Redmi Note 13 Phone Launched in Saudi Arabia and Egypt Find out about the price and specifications



BREAKING: Redmi Note 13 Phone Launched in Saudi Arabia and Egypt  Find out about the price and specifications

Recently, the launch of Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 phone was announced in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which made many users and mobile phone lovers search for the specifications of this phone and what is the right price because this phone comes with some great qualities. Ease of use in keeping with the times, it is worth noting that the Redmi Note 13 also has features that make it a best seller in the markets, so we will show you everything related to the phone in terms of advantages, disadvantages, and prices in the Egyptian and Saudi markets, all through the following article.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 phone

Due to the high number of inquiries about the Redmi Note 13 phone, the search for its specifications has increased, which include:

  • This phone comes from the latest category of mobile and smart phones and is associated with Xiaomi.
  • The phone is slated to launch by September 2023.
  • The phone is available in several unique colors including white, black and blue.
  • The length of the phone is about 161 mm, width is 75 mm, thickness of the phone is about 7.5 mm and weight is 173 grams.
  • The extra large 6.6-inch screen is perfect for gaming and video playback.
  • The refresh rate of the screen is 120 Hz, 365 pixels per inch.
  • The brightness reaches 1000 nits, which is the highest brightness you can see.

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Redmi Note 13 Phone Specifications

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 phone

As for the specifications of the Redmi Note 13 phone, it is considered to be the best features including:

  • The octa-core Mediatek processor has a manufacturing precision of up to 6 nm.
  • The processor frequency is around 2.4 GHz.
  • The phone has different types of RAM, 6, 8, 12, GB RAM.
  • There are two types of internal phone memory: 128 GB and others 256 GB.
  • Another feature of the phone is the camera, which isolates the background while shooting.
  • The possibilities for shooting at night are amazing.
  • This includes AI photography and geotagging and digital zoom.

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Redmi Note 13 Phone Price

After the launch of the Redmi Note 13 phone in the Saudi and Egyptian markets, everyone wants to know the exact prices, which are as follows:

  • Redmi Note 13, 128 GB version, priced at $190.
  • The phone comes in Egypt at a price of 5,900 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • We have the 256 version with 8 GB of RAM priced at 6,300 Egyptian pounds, and in foreign markets the price is around 205 USD.
  • The highest version costs around 7,100 Egyptian pounds.

How much does Xiaomi 13 Ultra cost in Egypt?

The price of Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone in Egypt is about 27 thousand Egyptian pounds, and it has 256 GB and 12 GB RAM.

how much Redmi Note 13 Pro

The price of the Redmi Note 13 Pro phone is around 19,500 thousand Egyptian pounds.

How much does Xiaomi 12 Ultra cost?

Xiaomi 12 Ultra phone, 512 GB version, comes with 12 GB RAM for 35 thousand pounds.

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