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Scientists are not employees .. Scientific research is an inevitable necessity – pillars


Without the development of scientific research there can be no growth or progress because it is the basis of every great development, every success, and every achievement of nations, whether it is big or small, whether it is medical science or technology, or in industry or agriculture, you name what you want, this Science and everything else cannot develop and provide the best solutions for mankind except at the expense of development, finance and scientific research.

I notice the whole Arab world, especially in this part of the world, where there is a severe weakness in the field of scientific research, perhaps even distrust of the importance of scientific research. It is an important and independent field that serves education, is not affiliated with it, and focuses on achieving the scientific achievements that the sponsor state achieves. We can say that more scientific research is not necessary for many!

Gulf countries generally believe that scientists, especially Arab scientists, who want to live in the diaspora, have an interest in themselves and a belief in scientific research in their countries, but so far they have not succeeded. The reasons behind attracting these scientists as needed, and many more, but the most important of them, are that the Gulf countries, like other Arab countries, do not care much about scientific research and the appreciation of scientists.

The Arab world in general is a mind-blowing country, and it is not the West that steals minds from them, as some believe. If Arab scholars had found what they wanted in their countries, they would not have left them for any reason, as there are many examples of this, and the Gulf countries, despite having a superior quality in this field, have no strategy for scientific research, and they have no desire to do so, and to provide them with a climate Does not seek the necessary research and production, and if we do not adopt such a strategy soon, we will undoubtedly waste our money and we will again lose our way, i.e. the migration of more brains in the region, then they will not return!

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We need to know that the real world is not an employee, and he does not want to look for a job, rather he is the owner of a dream, and he wants someone to prepare the conditions to achieve his dream in science. Research and achievements can be achieved without hasty results, so far we have been working with scientists, but we are disconnecting from the budgets of scientific research, we are terminating the services of scientists in austerity cases, while a country like Switzerland guarantees a world federal pension, and the researcher can do whatever he wants You can contact any research center you want and contact risk plans that may fail.

Reducing scientific research budgets will not happen in the West budget. Last year, the European Parliament budgeted an estimated 1 4.1 billion for scientific research!

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