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Scientists: Artificial intelligence will not replace journalism


Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, said, “Artificial intelligence, no matter how advanced its technologies, will not completely replace the journalist in the future, but it will play an important role. In creating and disseminating content,” emphasizes the need to develop tools for global, individual and organizational preparation for a new era.

Scientists said during a session on “How artificial intelligence will affect the media personality” within the activities of the Arab Media Forum that by 2025, 90% of content will be created by artificial intelligence, as smart systems compete. Humans are involved in creating content, but human intervention is necessary to deliver content. Compliance with standards and regulations. He pointed out that the future will see a trend of media professionals creating and publishing their content through digital platforms, which provide ten times more reach than traditional channels, in addition to providing an exciting aspect of audience engagement. Serve as a facilitator to accelerate initiatives, analyze media data, and support creative ideas.

The media will see radical change in the way media professionals operate, he said, but the search for truth will be a fundamental skill that differentiates human elements from artificial intelligence, citing the most important variables affecting media content. “Instant Artificial Intelligence, Creating Images and Pictures, and Deep Fakes.”

Studies have confirmed a 66% increase in the use and experience of artificial intelligence applications in the UAE, and have demonstrated that artificial intelligence increases productivity by 50%.

The session saw a virtual conversation produced using artificial intelligence with the late author and poet Ghazi Al-Khosaybi, during which he discussed the most important challenges of media work in light of the development of artificial intelligence technologies.

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