March 25, 2023

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Scientists confused .. Astronomers have observed an unexpected slowdown in the Earth’s rotation.



Astronomers this year unexpectedly “decided” to spin the planet a little slower, and “Life Science” magazine said scientists still could not understand the behavior.

The British newspaper “Express” said at the beginning of last year that after the chaos and turmoil of 2020, scientists had noticed that the Earth began to rotate a little faster on its axis, and that the rapid rotation continued in the first half of this year. But the planet seems to be changing its behavior and now spinning at a slower pace.

According to Live Science, experts believe that the “negative leap second” is still needed in the next decade.

Each day on Earth averages 86,400 seconds, but the Earth’s rotation is incomplete because it varies slightly at all times depending on the motion of the oceans and atmosphere.

UTC, the official international method of time control, is based on the atomic clock, which measures time by the movement of electrons in refrigerated atoms to absolute zero. It is an accurate and consistent tool.

If there is a difference between the time determined by atomic clocks and the rotation of the earth, scientists can add or subtract so-called “leap seconds” to calculate the difference.

He added that when the official international method of displaying time, Coordinated Universal Time, is not synchronized for more than 0.4 seconds, our watches need to be adjusted in “leap second” format.

Last added 23 seconds 59 minutes 59 seconds one second on New Year’s Day 2016.

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According to the U.S. National Institutes of Standards and Technology, scientists have added an average of one “leap second” every 18 months since 1972.

According to the newspaper, the Earth is rotating more slowly than it was in the first half of 2021, although the speed is higher than average, and based on the current rotation rate, scientists will have to enter the negative jump seconds. About 10 years.

Source: British newspaper “Express”.