March 25, 2023

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Scientists: Earth reaches the "end of the universe" into a "giant tunnel" ... Video and Photos

Scientists: Earth reaches the “end of the universe” into a “giant tunnel” … Video and Photos


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A new study conducted by a team of scientists with the aim of explaining the mysterious magnetic structures scattered in space has revealed the most amazing information that has confirmed the existence of a large tunnel around the Earth.

Mysterious structures in space have confused astronomers for decades because the giant system can be seen by looking at galaxies and planets in space, where the largest structure is found in the middle of the dark sky.

According to new research to be published in the future in the journal Astronomy, scientists have concluded that two areas of space, called the “North Pole Spur” and the “Fan”, are on opposite sides of space. In the sky, and connected by a system. The vast complexity of magnetic fibers.

Scientists have pointed out that this system creates a large tunnel around the solar system and many nearby stars, for which an illustrative diagram has been drawn.

The giant magnetic tunnel between the two ends of the universe

According to a report published in Cornell University website “arXiv” Talking about the results of unique research, the research article points out that the Earth is surrounded by a giant magnetic tunnel, which can be seen in the pictures designed by the scientists because this tunnel forms a huge structure that reaches the boundaries of the universe.

Astronomer Jennifer West said, From the University of Toronto, Canada: “If we look at the sky, if we have normal eyes that see the lights of the radio lines in any direction we see this tunnel-like structure.”

Although there are two massive structures; The “North Pole Spur” and “Fan” area have been accurately discovered since the 1960s, but because scientists are hundreds or thousands of light-years away by unpredictable predictions, it was very difficult to understand their complexity. But no one has ever connected these two giant structures before.

I managed West and her colleagues prove this connection It solves many confusing problems associated with both areas by connecting the spacing between them by radio loops.

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“A few years ago, one of our co-authors, Tom Landecker, told me about a paper from the early days of radio astronomy in 1965,” says West.

We live in a big radio hand

Based on the initial data available at the moment, the researchers expected that these polarized radio signals appeared to be due to our location within the radio hand, i.e. within the tunnel, so we report it in this unique way In the “Science Fiction” magazine.

“This paper inspired me to develop this idea and connect my model with the best data our telescopes can provide us today,” West continues.

Using modeling and simulation, the researchers discovered the unique shape of how radio lines look in the sky because the two structures are connected by magnetic fibers.

These results confirmed the satellite observations that helped determine the team It’s mostly distance The distance of the structure from the solar system is about 350 light years, because the length of the tunnel, according to the estimates of the researchers, designed by West and his entire team, is about 1,000 light years.

“Magnetic fields are not isolated, they must be fully connected,” Western stresses. “So the next step is to better understand how this local magnetic field relates to large and small magnetic fields in the galaxy.”