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Scientists have developed ‘robotic bands’ to help the paralyzed walk


Written by Amal Allam

Thursday, October 26, 2023 at 12:56 pm

Scientists have developed “robotic” pants designed to resemble the clothes of cartoon characters like Wallace and Gromit, which help frail and crippled elderly people walk without falling. Inventors have developed “external pants” made of soft materials. The amount of energy used in walking up to about 12%

Wallace and Gromit cartoon character band

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, robotic trousers are no good for Wallace and Gromit, but scientists have invented a pair that can help frail and elderly people walk without the risk of falling..

Inventors have developed an “exo-pant” made of a soft, breathable material that, unlike rigid robotic exoskeletons, can help people with strokes walk. Pants designed for healthy people can reduce the amount of energy used, a study has found. Walking till about 12%

A person could use it, like an electric bike, to provide some extra strength when climbing a steep hill, but researchers believe it could make older people more stable by helping them regain balance during their center of mass when walking. Moves toward their standing leg as they walk.

Must be pants trained

The trousers facilitate the small lateral movements people make when walking, before returning their bodies to a central point, and a cable attached to the trousers pulls these movements from the wearer’s thigh..

Researchers tested how well the pants worked Improve balanceThey will test whether it actually reduces falls in future studies. The pants were tested on 10 men, including five, in tests that lasted 12 minutes. Calories are burned. Based on the amount of carbon dioxide relative to the oxygen a person breathes.

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Dr Myungi Kim, co-author of the study on outdoor leggings from the University of Illinois, said: ‘These garments can help an amputee who feels fatigued after walking up a tough hill or during a strenuous hike.“.

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