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“Seasonal depression” is a heavy host that creeps in between seasons


Emirates Health Services Corporation has warned of the phenomenon of seasonal depression, which coincides with climate change and can cause feelings of fatigue, loss of appetite, lethargy and social isolation.

Doctors confirmed that the elderly are more vulnerable to this type of depression, calling to prevent the symptoms of this phenomenon, “by following a healthy lifestyle and by predicting the disease and its symptoms”.

Golood Juma Darwish, a psychologist at Al-Amal Psychiatric Hospital affiliated with the foundation, explained that seasonal depression is one of those conditions where people suffer from dark feelings in conjunction with the change of seasons, such as winter. It shortens the days and lengthens the nights.

This type of depression begins to appear in late spring and continues until early autumn, and is accompanied by the appearance of symptoms such as loss of appetite, malaise, irritability, insomnia, laziness, social isolation, insomnia. Decline in activities with loss of self-confidence, and concentration.

Not getting enough hours of sleep can contribute to triggering seasonal depression factors, Darwish said, adding that older adults are more vulnerable to this type of depression, especially during summer and high temperatures.

Long daylight hours in summer, stress, and the tendency of some people to isolate themselves and not engage in any kind of sports or social activities, apart from lack of sunlight, are among the reasons, he explained. This can lead to hormonal imbalance in the body and lowering of blood pressure.Vitamin D levels, causes a feeling of lethargy and lethargy, also causes seasonal depression, helps in loss of self-confidence and reduces a person’s size. Ability to communicate and build social relationships.

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Considering the consequences of seasonal depression, the dangers to family relationships and its negative effects in the work or study environment, he emphasized the importance and role of family and social support in overcoming the negativity, if the sufferer does not seek special medical help. feelings.

Regarding the therapeutic methods used, he explained that, in addition to finding new hobbies, specialists work through cognitive behavioral therapy to identify positive activities that contribute to stimulating the patient’s general mood, including activities such as sports, meditation and relaxation. Helps reduce stress and anxiety and improves positive feelings.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and setting a schedule that regulates the times and hours of the day, considering its importance and its effects, in order to contribute to expelling negative thoughts and increasing positive energy. Mental and physical health.

For his part, Dr Muhammad Faraj Allah, a consultant psychiatrist at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Ajman, said seasonal depression is different from pathological depression.

She explained that seasonal depression occurs every season or every year, and some people experience it at the beginning of winter or early fall.

He said: “It coincides with people now returning from holidays and the start of the working season, the beginning of winter and the end of summer, and some people may think he is suffering from clinical depression, while he may have seasonal symptoms. Depression, mood swings, low energy and feeling tired easily. . Loss of desire and inability to derive pleasure from practicing favorite things, sleep and appetite disturbances, sometimes suicidal thoughts and loss of concentration.”

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As for the group most vulnerable to seasonal depression, they are “those with a previous medical history of depression,” he said, “The causes of this disease are not yet fully known, but there is a correlation with short periods of time. Long periods of day and night, then lack of sunlight and vitamin D deficiency.

He advised anyone experiencing symptoms of depression to consult a doctor to diagnose the type of illness and then determine the appropriate treatment plan. He points out that seasonal depression is usually temporary, after which the person returns. Normal condition.

Seasonal depression negatively affects productivity and social relationships, she said, and treatment usually involves exposing the affected person to light and taking antidepressants, followed by behavioral therapy.

For his part, RAK Hospital’s Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Talat Mather said that seasonal depression usually occurs clearly in countries such as Northern Europe where the sun does not shine for a sufficient period of time and is treated with exposure to light. cases.

He called for a distinction to be made between the symptoms of boredom, sadness and sadness, and depression in general, because “the presence of certain symptoms does not mean that one is suffering from depression.”

He consulted experts to get a suitable treatment plan for each case.

• Seasonal depression begins to appear in late spring and continues through early fall.

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