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Know your personality from your favorite color


Your and other people’s characteristics and traits can be determined based on your color and their favorite color. In the context of the statement issued by “Jargan Josh”. Jargon JoshThe main personality traits of each color were collected based on studies conducted by psychologists over the years on behavior patterns and personality types.

Personality tests facilitate self-discovery and enable deeper understanding and communication by elucidating important aspects of the personality of work, family or friends and acquaintances.


Red colour

If your favorite color is red, it represents that your character seeks power and control and can improve your ability to manipulate things and people to get what you want. You find it difficult to assert your authority and independence, especially in the presence of trusted figures such as teachers, bosses, parents. In childhood, a child who likes red can feel very frustrated at school because he has limited space in his life and has to go through a lot of routines.

In marital relationships, a person who likes red loves with intense affection and expects the same from his partner. He is bold, determined, open-minded, persistent and not afraid to take the initiative or express his opinion.

In a work environment, a person who likes the color red likes to complete tasks, think quickly, and achieve logical analysis of things easily. Red lovers are often called workaholics. But if it doesn’t interest them it will be difficult for them to implement it. They tend to focus on goals. They want to have a say in operations and work plans, and want leadership positions or at least a position at work.

Blue color

If your favorite color is blue, an analysis of your personality reveals that you seek meaning and significance in life. You should care, encourage and contribute to your surroundings and relationships. You want to feel authentic and unique in everything you do. You value integrity and unity in relationships. You are romantic and enjoy caring for others, plants and animals.

In childhood, a child who likes the color blue seeks approval and is very sensitive to rejection. His mind is so creative that he finds it difficult to adjust to the school routine. It works best in an exciting environment rather than a competition.

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In marital relationships, a person who likes blue tries to win a harmonious relationship where he can be a true lover. She enjoys flowers, music, candlelit dinners, and gestures that bring warmth and sympathy. Enjoys bonding that encourages expressions and acceptance. He makes decisions based on feelings.

In a work setting, a person who likes blue is subtle, methodical, analytical, and attentive to detail. They are good at stimulating ideas and communicating them to others. It provides direction or positively influences people to improve their work or life. He is admired by his colleagues for his honesty and compassionate outlook and his good ability to resolve conflicts among others. He enjoys caring for, helping, or developing the skills of others.



green colour

If your favorite color is green, your personality traits include being a natural-looking, problem-solving person. You value intelligence, insight, justice, and fairness, and seek knowledge, understanding, explanation, and answers behind the operation of things, processes, or decisions made. You live by your own standards.

In childhood, a child who likes the color green performs exceptionally well in mentally stimulating subjects. Focus more on working in his larger interests than blindly following a set routine. He is also seen questioning authority as he is not a natural follower.

In marital relationships, a person prefers to manage relationships with the mind rather than the heart. He repeats his feelings over and over again. He becomes uncomfortable if he feels that his emotions are controlling his decisions too much. Seeks to maintain emotional connection, but is more willing to put his energies into his work or other life interests.

A person who likes green color in work environment shines with intelligence and likes to learn new things and ideas. Maintains high ethics while working. He likes to be praised for his good deeds. He is strong-willed and does not give up easily when faced with obstacles or problems at work. But this is not a bold attempt. It quickly checks, tracks and processes information to generate a new idea or concept. He is good at organizing and delegating and is good at reading the personality traits of others.

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Yellow color

If your favorite color is yellow, your personality traits are confident, fun, cheerful, creative and like to chat with others. Can’t stand alone for long. You are very selective when it comes to making friends because you prefer a tight-knit, happy social group to larger groups with shallow connections. You are adept at hiding your emotions behind your innocent, high-energy demeanor. In negative situations, you can be pretentious and arrogant.

In marital relationships, you want to live in the present. Enjoy every moment to the fullest. You will get along well with your partner and you can maintain your independence and social life with them. You are an attractive, funny and passionate partner. She loves meeting new people and going on crazy experiences or adventures.

In a work setting, you are best suited for roles that allow you to be creative and collaborate with people. You will like spontaneity in your work. You like to generate new ideas. You are also good at making decisions based on statistics and facts. You will make good financial decisions. Sometimes, because you have a strong independent streak, you can move very fast and speed things up. You are good at finding and communicating information.



Black color

If your favorite color is black, your personality reveals that you are strong-willed, determined, confident, independent and risk-averse. In your work and relationships, you may appear serious, threatening, and authoritative. You are a traditional and conservative person who exudes mystery, elegance, seriousness, dignity, sophistication and humility. Your appearance conveys that you are in complete control of your reality, but inside may be completely insecure. You make bold moves, but not with the expectation of being admired. Even if you want attention. You are often jealous of your status and lifestyle.

In human relationships, you guard your emotions and have walls so high that you don’t let anyone in on your secrets and life. You have an aura of mystery around you, but at the same time you are trustworthy. Take time to absorb raw feelings. Your fear of rejection prevents you from expressing yourself. You can also be a rebel at times. You hide your weaknesses well.

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At work, she has an uncanny ability to make anything work. Always strive for great achievements. You want everything to be perfect or at least perfect. You are methodical and straightforward in your work. You are committed to professionalism. All the while, you try to do everything yourself. You may find it difficult to seek help from others.

White color

If your favorite color is white, then know that you are a calm person, patient, sympathetic, calm, organized and a meticulous individual type. You avoid conflicts. You are a considerate person who stands for chastity, purity and innocence. You strive for simplicity, elegance and serenity. You are looking for your calm presence and your peaceful nature. You deal with most situations diplomatically. You are a harmonious person and aim for balance in any chaotic situation.

In social relationships, you are generous, kind and a good listener. You expect kindness and respect in return. You tend to live at ease with your partner and will do your best to avoid conflict, even if it means lying. You need to feel better than being better. Everything may seem calm and light on the surface, but you have a strong and quiet stubbornness that shows you are being treated unfairly. You don’t want to be confused, and you don’t want someone to use harsh words with you.

In the workplace, you are an independent worker who refuses to be controlled by anyone. You like to do things your way. In private projects, you can have more freedom and fewer conflicts or disagreements. You don’t like being pushed to get results. You are visionary and organized in your work.

Now tell me, dear reader, what is your favorite color?

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