June 3, 2023

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Security and privacy infringement .. Experts warn and advise on using "Google Chrome"

Security and privacy infringement .. Experts warn and advise on using “Google Chrome”

Google Chrome browser is one of the best and most popular browsers in the web world, but experts have recently warned against using it, claiming that it collects data from users; Experts invited Google users to uninstall the Chrome browser as the searcher tracks users and collects their data.

The British newspaper “The Sun”, “Google Chrome” does not protect users from tracking and data collection, and even after the latest update, it indicates that it is in big confusion when it comes to security and privacy.

While acknowledging that monitoring the “Google Chrome” website in the “Chrome” browser has led to a breach of trust among users, 72% of users feel that everything they do online is being monitored by advertisers, tech companies or others. 81% think the risks of data collection outweigh the benefits.

As one senior Chrome engineer put it, research shows that 52 users can theoretically track up to 91% of the average user’s web browsing history, and 600 companies can track at least 50% of logs.

The technology, known as the Federal Learning of Cohorts FLoC, aims to integrate users with identical browsing methods, i.e., a group of users with personal interests and behaviors who are not targeted as individuals.

Earlier this year, however, Google acknowledged that its “FLoC” technology avoids the privacy risks of third-party cookies. Discrimination and targeting.

The report comes after Google earlier this month urged Chrome users to update their software as soon as it detects seven more vulnerable vulnerabilities.

It revealed vulnerabilities in a new blog post, created a solution for all of them and urged users to update as soon as possible.

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