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Security officer fired for singing at Taylor Swift’s concert


Taylor Swift (Archive)

Wednesday 23 August 2023 / 23:48

A security guard said he was fired from his company after he filmed himself singing at a concert by American star Taylor Swift in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, in late June. Despite his assurances that he’s “doing his job” right, he’s with the star in waiting.

Calvin Dunker can be seen singing the lyrics of Cruel Summer Taylor Swift While guarding his party, in a video clip that was widely circulated on the TikTok site, he was officially fired from serving as a security guard for better crowd management for violating the company’s rule.

@anmaloney SECURITY A2 SECTION! 🎶 @TaylorSwift @TaylorNation #TaylorSwift #Erastur #Teerastur #minneapolisstartour ♬ Original Sound – Alyssa Maloney

Dunker joined the security service in order to attend Taylor Swift’s concerts for free, so this was his primary goal, and the instructions and rules of the security company he worked for included prohibiting personal photography with any artist. saved.

Dunker said in an explainer video on TikTok that he realized how close Taylor Swift was to him on the first night during the star’s concert on June 23 and 24, and that’s why he wanted to document the joy, after a video of him singing went viral. Get a moment and pictures for him. , when he was not allowed to use his mobile phone due to his job, the other night, he handed out small pieces of paper to the audience in the front row with his mobile phone. The number was attached and it said he wasn’t allowed to take his phone, so if Taylor Swift followed him, immediately, send a photo of him with her to his phone.

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The security guard confirmed that on the second night he only gave two papers to two people in the front row and that they were as nice to him as he said they were, something he did not say in the British Daily Mail. Send any message to the girl who posted a Tik Tok video of her singing, but she was so happy to see it in a viral video.

And added, “Every photo I took that night was taken from behind the barrier like any other photo taken by fans. I didn’t take out my phone. Above all else, I made sure Taylor Swift was safe. The fans were happy. “I was just doing my job.”

In the video, Dunker said she offered to delete the post and said the company’s HR representative would contact her, but she hasn’t heard back in more than a month.

@kalvindankar #Teerastur #TaylorSwift #minneapoliserastour #greenscreen video ♬ Original Sound – Calvin Tenger

Dunker confirmed via video that he was offered and was able to work a shift at Ed Sheeran’s party at the same venue on August 12, but was officially fired after a 7-hour shift.

Despite losing his job, Dunker confirmed that he held no grudge against the company and indicated that he wanted to explain to everyone what happened and that he really enjoyed working on one of the most amazing musical shows.

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