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Latest developments of the new corona virus and its symptoms


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — A new mutant of the highly mutable “Covid-19” virus, EG.5, is spreading in several countries, the latest of which is Egypt, paralleling the speed with which scientists understand its spread and the ability of our immune systems to counter it. But what do we know about its symptoms and who are the groups most at risk?

The new variant had more than 30 mutations in the amino acid of its highest protein compared to its closest predecessor: the BA.2 subtype of omicron.

EG.5 is a derivative of XBB, which is currently the dominant variant in the United States, accounting for about 20% of newly reported cases of Covid-19 in the country.

Clinically, this variant does not appear to cause any different or severe symptoms than earlier viruses. Among its most common symptoms are:

  • rise in temperature;
  • A new loss of taste or smell
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Headache and malaise
  • Runny nose
  • Cough or sore throat
  • muscle pain;

Scientists are still looking for other possible signs.

However, it should be noted that the average person’s susceptibility to a new viral infection may vary depending on the number of previous infections with one or more mutants and vaccination status.

The target groups are the elderly and patients with underlying medical conditions such as chronic lung, kidney and heart problems. Ensure that these individuals are aware of the latest developments regarding booster doses, take necessary preventive measures, and communicate with healthcare providers.

The chart above is a reminder of the common symptoms a person may experience if they are infected with the new variant of the coronavirus.

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