May 29, 2023

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See how an Iraqi minister fell into a trap set for him by a Baghdad restaurateur

Using the officer’s speech, the restaurant management made a promotional film

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Yesterday, Thursday, Iraq’s Minister of Labor and Social Affairs filed a lawsuit against a restaurant called “Mado” in al-Jadriya district of Baghdad, summarizing its merits and duties, saying that the restaurant is almost expert in Turkish food and its food. Accessories, he took advantage of Minister Ahmad al-Assadi’s presence last Monday for “campaign purposes,” said Qassem al-Adwani, the ministry’s media adviser, in a press release.

The statement added: “We were surprised by a video footage produced by the management of a canteen in which a breakfast was held for several elderly prisoners at Dar Al Rashad in the presence of the minister. During the dinner, the restaurant management asked the minister for his opinion about the restaurant and he spontaneously praised it and hailed it as a kind of boost to private sector projects. It went viral on social media, with the minister praising “Madoo” and making him appear as the restaurant’s campaign star.

However, the reality of the situation is different and according to the statement of the remaining adviser, Qassem al-Adwani, it is clear that the minister fell into a trap because: “This conversation was taken advantage of by the restaurant management. A case was registered accordingly to cut out a portion of it and put it in a manufactured advertisement film which contradicted the literary context. The restaurant management was sued for using a private conversation and cutting a portion of it for inappropriate publicity. For the person of the Minister.” With these words, the statement published in many Iraqi media and communication platforms yesterday and today ended.

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The restaurant’s management responded in a Facebook announcement on Thursday, in which Mado “hosts free breakfasts every year during the holy month of Ramadan for the elderly residents of El-Rashad Nursing Home. Labor and Social Affairs, which appreciated this initiative, which is considered innovative, were invited.” Such is the case in our Iraqi society, and has inspired the establishment of such humanitarian efforts to support this important region, which is not true. Some media outlets and social networking sites published fabricated news,” without specifying the case or the type of fabricated news.