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See how Bentley builds its famous W12 engine


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With electrification in the future, Bentley is set to end production of the legendary W12 combustion engine, with the last model leaving the factory in April 2024.

While the carmaker has already celebrated the retirement of its iconic engine at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, there’s another way to pay tribute to the iconic engine’s soon-to-be passing by learning how it was made.

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YouTube channel Frame gives us an inside look at Bentley’s Groove factory where the W12 engine is built, showing us the complete process of assembling the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

Bentley combines precision British craftsmanship with precise German engineering as a result of Volkswagen AG’s takeover of the British company in a production line run by second- and third-generation Bentley engine builders.

Each engine is designed with great attention to detail.

The machines enable skilled technicians to apply a specific amount of torque to each nut and bolt.

Even the connecting rod bearings are weight-matched to each rod before being mounted on the crankshaft for a perfectly balanced engine.

Weight plays a big role in any high-performance engine, so Bentley uses high-grade aluminum for the engine blocks and heads and titanium for every connecting rod for extra strength.

Two technicians and some machinery are required to complete the machine.

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These technicians meticulously review each machine built using high-precision measuring tools to ensure their work meets Bentley’s strict specifications.

Each machine is transported by an automated guided vehicle (AGV), which transports each unit to workstations for completion by technicians.

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