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Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend, Clara Shea, have a very awkward situation at a restaurant

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Shakira’s “adorable” fan took revenge on her boyfriend Big and his new girlfriend by kicking them out of his restaurant in retaliation for what he did to the mother of his two children.

Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia find themselves in a very awkward situation at a restaurant where the owner decides not to accept any service for them.

A video clip that has gone viral shows the former Barcelona player leaving with his new girlfriend in displeasure after Shakira and the owner of his art-loving restaurant decided to evict them.

It is understood that this embarrassing situation is the second for Xia. Last month, Shakira released her song, in which she said: “I’m like two 22-year-olds. I traded a Ferrari (car) for a Twingo. I traded a Rolex (watch) for a Casio.”

The response comes from Big, who praises the Casio watch, wears it, drives the Twingo, and tells her he likes his new girlfriend.

Things didn’t stop there, Shakira’s fury placed a doll of an evil witch on the balcony of her house in Spain, overlooking Piquin’s mother’s house, in clear evidence of the strained relationship between the two, after her mother accepted his new relationship. .

Knowing that Big and the kids don’t eat this stuff, Shakira discovers Big’s infidelity through an empty strawberry jam box in the fridge.

Shakira, 45, split from Big, 35, in June 2022 after a 12-year relationship that resulted in two sons, Sasha, 10, and Milan, 7.

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