March 25, 2023

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ندوة تكريم الفنان دريد لحام بمهرجان الإسكندرية السينمائى .. اليوم

Seminar on Artist Duraid Lahamai Coring Ravi at the Alexandria Film Festival .. Today

Today, Wednesday, a seminar for the best artist Duraid Lahamai Koring Ravi will take place during its 37th session at the Alexandria Film Festival for the Mediterranean, with the participation of Prince Abbas, the critic and chairman of the festival, at exactly eleven o’clock. morning

And the management of the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries, led by Prince Abbas, decided to give the Order of the Mediterranean Bride in recognition of her role in the Arab cinema movement at the 37th session of the Syrian Arab Artist Duraid Laham. And placing Syrian cinema in a unique position among its peers in the Arab region.

Duraid Laham was a Syrian comedian and playwright, known in his early days as Carlos, a Mexican guitarist who sang in Spanish and Arabic, but he was best known for his role as “Kawar al-Dous Shah”. In most of his works of art. He has won numerous honors, awards and certificates of appreciation from Arab communities. In the world and in Arab countries.

These include the Jordanian Planet Medal in 1956, the First Class Syrian Order of Merit in 1976, the Tunisian Cultural Merit in 1979, the Green Ribbon Medal – 1991 Libya and the Lebanese Cedar Order of Knight in 1999.

He also won the shield of the Cultural Palaces Commission in Egypt in 2006, recognizing his role in supporting children’s issues through his cinematic works directing the film Young Parents.

He received his PhD in 2007 from the Syrian Order of Merit of the Best Class and the Cairo Arab Media Festival – Egypt, at its fourteenth session, in recognition of his artistic career. In 2010.

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He has received awards from the Governor of Los Angeles, the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Arab American Journalists Association and the Sydney Municipality of Detroit and Sydney, and has previously been honored at the Alexandria Festival.