August 10, 2022

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September.. Tim Haasan starts filming his new series "Azzi Al-Jind".

September.. Tim Haasan starts filming his new series “Azzi Al-Jind”.

Artist Tim Hassan has started preparations for his new Ramadan series, tentatively titled “Assi Al-Zand”, which is scheduled to be shown in the next Ramadan 2023, to return to the Ramadan race after a long break. More than 3 years.

A source from within the production company said that after the Eid al-Adha holiday, Tim Haasan will settle the final details of the work with the production company and director Samir Al-Barqawi and choose the heroes. The shooting of the series is expected to begin next September during the month of Ramzan.

Star Tim Hassan is waiting for his new movie “Al-Hiba” to hit theaters next July.

The film’s stars finished shooting the final scenes in Turkey, and director Samir Al-Barqawi was about to finish editing and mixing the film. It is getting ready to release in theatres.

Lebanese actress, Gina Maki, plays the lead role in the film and Tim Hassan was keen to promote the film through his official social networking page, where he posted several behind-the-scenes photos of the film. He excites his fans for his creative speaking engagements.

The events of the film revolve around several major events that took place in the five-part “Al-Hiba” series, and the film witnesses a state of rebellion and revolution for the character “Jabal” played by artiste Tim. Hassan.

Tim Hassan, behind the scenes of Al-Hiba

“Al-Hiba” will be directed by Samar Al-Barqawi and will feature various representatives of the series in its five parts, as it is expected to be released in theaters at the end of the next summer season.

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The series relies on elements of suspense and action, and follows Jabal’s return to his life after the assassination attempt, and the loss of his wife and son, trying to uncover the culprits, and the events escalate as events unfold. He discovers things that have unpleasant consequences within the framework of suspense and action.