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Several months after his death, a new development in the case of pilot Abu al-Yusr from Muhammad Ramadan


The Egyptian artist, Mohammed Ramadan, brought the case of the late pilot Ashraf Abu al-Youssef back to the forefront after a recent Egyptian court ruling.


We are waiting for the next November 17th to be set to consider 91st Appeal No. 9542

After the Egyptian judiciary, pilot Ashraf Abu al-Youssef, Egyptian artist Mohammed Ramadan, is seeking பாதுகாப்பு 25 million in security compensation, while the Economic Court in Egypt, Fayton, is paying 6 6 million in protection to Ramadan, pilot, Ashraf Abu al-Youssef in the case of Muhammad.

The lawsuit alleges: “The artist, Mohammed Ramadan, used the image of the pilot on a new frame in a video clip for a new song he named.”

His time before the Court of Cassation, before the Court of Cassation, before his Council.

Egyptian pilot Ashraf Abu al-Youssef died last April in the wake of a health crisis between him and the artist, who died in the intensive care unit after Mohammed Ramadan and the ministry revoked Abu al-Yusseer’s life license to allow him to enter the cabin. Plane and shooting within it.

The pilot, Abu al-Yusr, sought compensation in a case against the artist, Mohammed Ramadan, as a result of the moral and material damage he suffered.

The crew reportedly broke the jets and the flight attendant’s command and appeared in the background. He flew the plane.

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