March 30, 2023

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Shadi Zidane’s wife with a touching message: The echo of your soul fills every corner of my heart

Susannah Al-Fara, the wife of the late Syrian actor Shadi Zidan, sent a touching message to her husband, expressing her deep sorrow at his passing and hinting at the difficulty of separation.

In details, Susannah posted an old photo of her with her husband on her Instagram account and captioned it: “Shadow is my soul, the hero of my story, my eternal love, my dearest soul, my masculinity, magnanimity and nobility combined.. I am always the star that guides me. , my wise teacher, best father, best brother, dearest friend, dearest lover and best husband. 27 years were given to me from the Merciful, and by counting earthly years, it would have ended after two months, so that date would leave its mark on all the details of my life.

And she continued: “My love, Shadi, the most perfect mind, keen eye and superior intuition always struck, but he was wrong this time, what a mistake he was.” She added: “You used to say. We’ll grow old together, and I’ll say I’m young until I smell your perfume, But hey, I’ve suddenly grown up and don’t see you near me.”

And the wife of the late Shadi Zidane added: “The echo of your soul fills all the corners of my heart, it left your heart, your tender heart always sleeps to the music of its beats.

And he added in his message: “I don’t want to talk about you to anyone because all the words are not enough to describe you.. Shadi Shadinga Shachudi, I loved you, I love you, I will love you, I will love you till the end. I thank God of the universes for every second I spent with you in this mortal world, and I thank you for the love you have lavished on me. I look forward to the meeting of our souls without division or parting. To God is what he gives and to God is what he takes. Light and peace to your eternally beloved soul in every time and place.

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