March 25, 2023

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Shaheen hurricane .. Oman warning number 3 and heavy rain in Muscat

Shaheen hurricane .. Oman warning number 3 and heavy rain in Muscat

The Oman News Agency reported that Hurricane Shakeen had caused heavy rain in the Muscat Governorate, while nine people in the Oman Civil Defense Muscat Governorate were stranded in their vehicles and twenty-five people responded. Recovered during surgery.

Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority of Oman issued Warning No.3 Tropical cyclone Shaheen In the Arabian Sea, the news agency Oman posted the news on Twitter.

According to a statement from the National Center for Early Warning, the satellite satellite images and analysis show that the tropical cyclone Shaheen is currently centered at 24.2 degrees north latitude and 59.3 degrees east longitude, and continues to move toward the coast. Sultan of Oman overlooking the sea.

The epicenter of the tropical cyclone was about 130 km / h from the Muscat governorate, and the wind speed around the epicenter was estimated at 64 knots (116 km / h).

Flood valleys

The authority pointed out that the tropical cyclone is likely to continue its movement towards the coast of northern Al Badina Governorate and that the direct effects will start on Sunday morning with high winds (40 to 60 knots) and very heavy. Thunderstorms (200 to 500 mm) lead to flooding of valleys. North and South Al Badina, Muscat, Al Tahira, Al Buraimi, Al Taqilia and the coastal areas of South Al Sharqia Governorate.

He said the governors of Musantam and northern Al Sharqia were likely to be affected by rain of varying intensity (30 to 80 mm) and moderate to active winds (15-25 knots).

The sea is raging

This extended from the southern Al Sharqia governorate to the Musantam governorate, and also ensured that the sea on the Sultanate coast would be very rough. The wave height is estimated to be 8-12 meters, with seawater likely to extend to land in low-lying areas, and it will be moderate and hard waves on other shores of the Sultanate (2-3 meters).

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Further, the Commission urged all to be very careful and cautious not to risk crossing the valleys, to stay away from low places and not to go to sea during this period.

Ocean waves rise in Muscat

It is noteworthy that the O’Brien News Center announced on Saturday that it had begun evacuating citizens from the Capoura and Saham coastal areas to shelter centers.

Ocean waves rise in Muscat

Ocean waves rise in Muscat

National Accident Plan

As part of that, the Omani Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that it was implementing a national emergency plan to counter the possible consequences. Shaheen to Hurricane.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the ministry said the project includes the preparation of a shift schedule for executives, doctors and staff working in healthcare institutions, as well as the provision of medicines and medical supplies and the raising of diesel and medical gas reserves and the availability of water in healthcare institutions.

For his part, the Sultan of Oman, Haitham bin Tariq, on Saturday instructed the government to provide “everything to protect the safety of citizens and residents”, while Sultan Shaheen suffered the effects of the hurricane.