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Sharjah Airport Implements “Passenger Flow” and “Automatic Verification of Boarding Passes”


The Sharjah Airport Authority has begun implementing a “passenger flow and queue management” system that will help increase efficiency in day-to-day operations through check-in areas, security checks, passports and the “automatic verification of boarding pass” system. Accelerates security levels and passenger procedures and enhances the capacity of the airport. It is in line with the strategy of the 2021-2025 power, which includes adopting the axis of infrastructure and technology and the strategic objective of digital transformation.

Installing sensors in the “passenger flow and queue management” system helps to dynamically manage the connection between the system and the various operating systems of the airport and the airport’s resources, increase its efficiency and improve passenger satisfaction.

The system aims to improve performance in daily operations across check-in areas, security checks and passports, and provide the opportunity for real-time and clock monitoring with more than 112 sensors installed in passenger areas.

The “Automatic Verification of Boarding Pass” system greatly helps to improve security levels and speed up passenger procedures, thanks to the automatic verification of all types of boarding passes, including printed copies at home or on mobile phones. Pass device reading device and matching them with existing data, which reflects positively on the quality of services and customer satisfaction.

The use of these two systems is part of a number of innovative solutions implemented by the Sharjah Airport Authority with the aim of providing an integrated smart environment, including smart gates, enhanced infrastructure, smart application for passengers and other technologies aimed at enhancing passenger satisfaction. Experience through the airport, and improve the performance of daily activities. Usually via airport facilities. Power continues to invest in technological solutions by adapting to rapid changes, attracting the latest technological systems and technologies, and continuing to work flexibly, quickly and efficiently. In the region and in the world.

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