March 29, 2023

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She has a salary of $ 17 million.

She has a salary of $ 17 million.

Is considered the best lawyer On Twitter Inc Considered the number one lawyer in conservative oversight, Fijia Gott is one of the highest paid CEOs to lose a job if US billionaire Elon Musk acquires the company.

According to the New York Post, Twitter’s CEO, who earned $ 17 million last year, is living in shock as Tesla’s CEO is reportedly planning job cuts and executive pay cuts. .

After revealing plans to acquire the company earlier this month, Musk revealed his “distrust” of Twitter’s current management, which is not good for their future, which will become clear later when he takes office later this year.

However, Ged will win at a good consolation price if the $ 12.5 million disconnected package is shot.

Elon Musk

Crying..and pro-liberal

The 48-year-old is said to have shed tears while talking to colleagues about the future of Twitter, which has become controversial in recent days as Musk tweeted a picture of himself and painted that he had forgotten about “pro-liberalism”. Bluebird on stage.

This followed the appearance of Led and his then-leader Jack Dorsey on the podcast in 2019 entitled “The Joe Rogan Experience”. During that appearance, conservative journalist Tim Paul confronted both Dorsey and Led in right-wing cases. Votes were banned from Twitter.

Jack Dorsey - Reuters

Jack Dorsey – Reuters

Indirect review..and block links

Musk indirectly criticized Jet for blocking links to The New York Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop, saying it was “apparently incredibly inappropriate.”

In the weeks leading up to the US election the article was blocked by major social media sites, Twitter justifying the censorship allegations, describing the story as “containing content and personal information obtained through hacking”.

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