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She turned a straw basket into a handbag.. Jane Burgin is the most important station in the world…


French-British singer and actress Jane Burgin passed away in 2023 at the age of 76, leaving behind a special legacy in the world of music and fashion!Add an ad

Jane Burgin became a star in the sixties of the last century, and her popularity increased thanks to her relationship with the French singer Serge Gainsbourg, of course, thanks to her appearance, which inspired a large percentage of women. She is very beautiful and attractive, but Birkin has never seen herself this way and has indicated in several reports that she prefers to wear menswear with her own touch.

In this article, Jamalak Magazine reviews its most important stations in the world of fashion and the most important trends it has followed or contributed to start.

I followed a unique and attractive bohemian style

Bohemian designs invaded the fashion world in the late 1960s and Jane Burgin was one of the first to successfully adopt these designs. For example, we remember that in 1968, she adopted a short dress with a low v-neckline and many layers, and a necklace with a large circle detail inspired by bohemian style. Also, a striking station in her look was the long dress she wore in the 1970s, which was covered with ruffles, giving her a fun and unique look.

I turned a straw basket into a handbag

Between Jane Burkin and Straw Basket, a crush turned into a trend! The world marveled at Jane Birkin carrying a straw basket as a bag to hold her belongings, but this amazement quickly turned to admiration. This basket was the inspiration for many homes, which introduced straw bags in many models in line with the current fashion.

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She was the inspiration behind Hermès’ iconic Birkin bag

In the 1980s, Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas met Jane Birkin on a plane. When she put the bag on top, everything inside fell to the floor, and she told Dumas that finding a weekend-appropriate bag is difficult, so she designed a special leather bag at home for the British actress. , and his family named him Birkin. Since then, this Hermes bag has become iconic and is released in many different colors and versions.

He adopted the minimalist style and added his own touch to it

Jane Burkin favored elegant simplicity in clothing and avoided exaggerated ornaments and cuts. She is famous for embracing a minimalist style, but she always flavored it with a touch of glamor by resorting to statement pieces and other personal details. For example, she once wore a light pullover and a short skirt with a diamond necklace. Similarly, in 1970, she opted for a simple black dress and added a large necklace with shiny beads. In addition to her clothing choices, her hairstyles were also characterized by minimalism, as she opted for loose hair with bangs in the front, and this detail gave her glamor.

Masculine style is her favorite

In many of her statements, Jane Burgin has mentioned that she likes to wear menswear with her own twist. The men’s shirt, for example, was one of Jane Burke’s favorite pieces, as she made sure to include it in many of her looks, with the sleeves roughly rolled up and half of the shirt buttons unbuttoned. She combines it in different ways with jeans, classic pants or something else. This is in addition to her resorting to jeans and belts in wider models.

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