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Sherin Abdel Wahab to his fans from Dubai: You are the ones who brought me back to the world


Amidst a full attendance at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, star Sherin Abdel Wahab appeared to his audience, after a two-year hiatus from concerts, to present a bouquet of his most beautiful songs. Love and passion, works with a fast rhythm, as well as a musical connection. Um Kulthum and Varda.

The concert gathered fans of the Egyptian star from different nationalities, who sang his songs until midnight, because they lasted more than two hours, although the time for the concert was an hour and a half.

Hosted by Moments Events, star Sher’s look was very practical as she opened her concert with “Kolha Khairana” and moved on to “I Don’t Want You Others” and “Al”. -Metro”, promised the audience a legendary concert and he returned to his previous era as he described his fans as the ones who brought him back to the world.

Spreader of happiness

Sherin continued to spread the atmosphere of happiness through dance rhythms with “The Sensitive String” and “I Don’t Buy This Word” and then she introduced the song by stopping some of her love songs with a quiet melody. “Don’t Hold Me to Account” and “Ali Bali” and “Jar Thani” seemed affected while performing.

The spectacular close of the ceremony did not return to songs about Sherin Abdel Wahab’s stardom. Algerian.

Best regards and loyalty

Although Sherin did not speak much during her concert, the audience had to salute her for her loyalty at the end of the ceremony, she said: “I want to thank you all, your question reached me, you brought me back to the world, I am grateful for your love and everything you have done. ” Yes, yes, I can thank you with all my heart for the audience and the blessings of love. . He then closed the ceremony with Umm Kulthum’s “One Thousand and One Nights” and a song from his old archive, promising the audience never to return. Sherin Abdel Wahab, who met the media after the ceremony, commented on his concert in Dubai, saying that he had not forgotten that his first concert was in Dubai and hoped that he would always uphold this belief and responsibility and it was a success. He added that the new concert and return came after a certain period of time, perhaps on the back of the good mood and the unique psychological state that engulfed the beautiful evening in Dubai. He hinted that he will be returning to social media platforms and delivering his messages to the audience, and he promised his fans a glorious new album that he is producing. When asked about his upcoming concerts in Arab countries, he expressed his desire to perform in Syria and was eager to meet his fans in Saudi Arabia.

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“Partner Only Identities.”

During the concert, star Sherin Abdel Wahab tripped and fell on stage, a scene that went viral on social media immediately after the concert, but the Egyptian singer spoke about the incident when she fell on stage. Locations of loudspeakers placed on stage. “Every artist has been in this situation. The reason for that was because the speakers were on the stage so that the artist wouldn’t trip, but unfortunately that happened. Again and again.” And he joked with the audience: “Al-Shater signs only, tomorrow you will see this clip spread on social media platforms, because people will leave the entire ceremony and pay attention to Sherin’s fall on the stage.” In his meeting with journalists, such incidents are always revealed to artists. He confirmed that his legs would be fixed at the hospital.

Sherin Abdel Wahab:

“I have not forgotten that my first concert took place in Dubai… and I am happy to see my audience from it after a period of fatigue and well-being.”

“Thank you for the love of my audience and everything he has done for me… the blessing of the audience and the blessing of love, and thank you with all my heart.”

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