March 29, 2023

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Sherin breaks her silence: I love the new Hobby, I shaved my hair until he saw that I was not beautiful and divorced me! (Video)

Sherin Abdel Wahab

Egyptian actress Sherin Abdel Wahab has revealed the details of her divorce crisis from artist Hossam Habib and her last appearance with a shaved head during a party at the Emirates, which caused a great deal of controversy and controversy.

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Shereen resolves controversy over her ex-husband's beating and beheading

In his first media statement during Amr Adib’s “Al-Hekaya” show, Sherin said on Saturday that he was suffering from psychological imbalances during this period and was not suffering from mental illness.

He justified this by saying that he was “very sensitive” and that he felt “killed” because of the prejudice and divorce crisis against him in recent times and decided to punish himself by shaving. Her hair appeared in public and she returned to her work, revealing that she too had done so “in order to appear in front of her ex-husband with a beautiful appearance.” He agrees to the divorce.

Sherin added that she had inherited the habit from her father, who would shave her hair completely in any crisis situation and did it herself before using the hairdresser only for the final touches.

And while talking about Hosam Habib, she cried in the air, revealing that she still loved him and needed men to suppress her and not criticize or hurt her with any words.

Shereen Abdel Wahab said she had suffered from manic-compulsive disorder after giving birth to her daughters and that she always thought they were harmful, that she had been treated for the disease so far and that she had discovered it. Her audience left for her, they were the only warmth she currently had, and they were the safety valve for her, it had to rely only on itself, not trust anyone else.

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The Egyptian artist shaved during his concert at the “Mother of the Emirates” festival, made his first appearance after his divorce, and received great support from fellow artists and the public, who sympathized with him after revealing his psychological distress. Announces his desire to return to his artistic career in recent times and again.

Source: RT