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Sherin Reda says she has an immune system and has been in contact with a man 28 years younger than her | News


Actress Sherin Reda has responded to some rumors that she has been diagnosed with the disease in the past.

This is what happened when he met Asma Ibrahim on the “My Secret” show on the “Cairo and the People” channel.

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Sherin Reda said: I was not immune, I broke my toe, I have a “disc” in my back, I was in a wheelchair for the first few days of filming.

Commenting on having an affair with a young man 28 years younger than himself, he said: Why am I doing this, this is my son’s age, my daughter was born when I was 21 years old.

Sherin Rita on the Ink Secret project

And she continued: I do not specify the age to associate with someone, I have nothing to do with age, age means I am 50 years old and think I can sit down with another person and sit with another 30. Age and educated person.

Shereen Reda revealed the most important thing about that man and said: “He makes me laugh,” explained: I’m a comedian and I like to laugh, and we do a lot of light things these days, so the most important thing is to be with someone who makes me laugh, What could he do to me other than give me money?

Sherin Rita and Asma Ibrahim

And she continued: Anyone who should be generous and loving, this is normal, the increase is light-blooded and culture.

Sherin Reda explained that she was not bothered by the rumors because in the end he was a liar, but laughed at them.

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Sherin Reda will star in “Ramadan 2022” in the “Work in the High” series, co-written by Hussein Mustafa Muharram and directed by Fifi Abdo, Tony Maher, Baomi Fouad, Basma Dawood, Marwan Younis, Kareem Sorur and many more. Mark Adele.

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