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Significant improvements and features that eFootball 2024 still desperately needs


After the company changed Konami In the name of its famous football game series, from Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball 2024, many fundamental things have changed in the series, which satisfied a significant group of players, but in turn disappointed most of the original fans of the series. .

The new gameplay undoubtedly has many positive elements, especially for new players, but most of the content that previous Pro Evolution Soccer titles were known for and eFootball PES 2021 season update has been removed in the final part, eFootball 2024. In exchange for more attention and focus on the multiplayer mode.

Most fans of the original series fell in love with the previous single-player modes that provided an exceptional, compelling and engaging experience, so many of them still hope that one day Konami will return to the roots of its soccer game series. A comprehensive gaming experience that handles both single-player and multiplayer. It satisfies new and old players with its future updates and in today’s article we will talk about the most important improvements and features that eFootball 2024 needs most.

1- Make detailed changes to graphics and visuals

It is clear that eFootball 2024 cannot stand up to its competitor EA Sports FC 24 or eFootball PES 2021 in terms of quality of graphics and visuals, which has created a feeling among the fans of the series that the last part has not reached. Full potential, and this essential feature really needs a lot of attention. and sensitivity.

Compared to Konami’s official teaser for the previous Game Pro Evolution Soccer 2022, it represented the delivery of a game with full next-generation capabilities, and showed the famous Argentine star Lionel Messi in high graphic accuracy, shocking fans of the series. Astonishing condition, the disappointment is palpable when viewed. In addition to what was presented in eFootball 2024, Konami may release major updates in the future, trying to improve the graphics, which will positively and numerically greatly reflect the players who will play it and bring it closer to a new generation game in visual and visual terms.

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2- Restore Master League

The Master League game mode for the eFootball series is yet to be seen after years of waiting and anticipation for its arrival, despite being an important and prominent mode in the previous installments, many fans of the football game have been complaining about it. Career play mode in Konami’s competitive game EA Sports and how it… EA doesn’t make many significant changes to it every year, but it remains the only option for most players to try their hand at managing their dream teams.

Therefore, Konami reintroduced the Master League game mode to compete with EA, improve its reputation on platforms like Steam and attract more players, especially if it comes with new and improved features and attributes. Previous Konami titles that featured Master League mode…were very popular with football fans as it gave players more freedom and options to customize their playing experience as a manager and better play than EA’s previous FIFA games.

3- Focus on individual playing styles


Konami in all modern eFootball parts focuses primarily on team game modes, most of which are reminiscent of EA’s famous Ultimate Team mode, which inspired fans of the original, especially fans of individual game modes, to abandon the latter parts. Series that have followed this trend, offering plenty of custom and casual game modes from previous titles, have seen players and content creators use it as the only way to continue the career and manager mode experiences they love.

Knowing that club teams from leagues and tournaments like the English Premier League are still missing from eFootball 2024, only licensed teams are offered, depriving players of much of the freedom they had in the single-player modes, but there are plans to add these teams later. In the updates, in the future, the developers at Konami need to achieve this as soon as possible, which will allow players to use any team they want, while also winning the satisfaction of the game fans. Again.

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4- Restore the classic edit style


Not only did Konami focus on multiplayer modes in its latest installment, it also lost players from one of the most important features of the past and today players feel greatly missing, which is the classic edit mode, which is the flagship. The decades-old Konami Football series, and its removal from recent eFootball games, including the final installment in 2024, shocked fans of the storied series.

Since most of the teams were unlicensed, the edit mode was an important and crucial part of all parts of the Pro Evolution Soccer series and the first eFootball games, as it gave players the option to import teams, logos, etc. Tools and more, the PC version has the ability to modify and add all the international stadiums. In games, once the master league mode returns, the editing mode should be included with it, or at least Konami should take it over. Calculate and then add to it, because this is a mode that brings life and creative freedom back to the single-player eFootball gaming experience.

5- Add more commentator groups or at least make some changes


Nothing has changed about the commentary team since the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, as it only consists of Peter Drury and Jim Beglin, many comments are constantly repeated in every game, and it makes the players bored and bored. A sequence, especially one with no change in phrases or sounds, can feel very frustrating towards the end.

Fans of the series have been shocked to see no change in the commentary line-up over the years, with popular commentators such as Martin Tyler, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher even available for free!

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At the end.. In today’s article, we talked about the most important improvements and features of eFootball 2024, including extensive changes to graphics and visuals to face its competition from EA, including the restoration of Master League, and Konami’s return to focus on single-player modes in its games, which have delighted many for two decades. Returning to the roots of the series.

Share your comments and feedback with us. What do you think is the most important thing in eFootball 2024 or its future parts? How can you dominate the competitive market and win over football fans everywhere? Should it release a game mode similar to Pro Clubs?

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