August 10, 2022

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Signs of a Libyan consensus appear on the horizon

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The Libyan arena saw significant surprises in the last hours, notably the arrival of the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Army, Abdel Razzaq al-Nadori, at Maithika Airport in the capital Tripoli, accompanied by five members of the General Command. Army “5 + 5” in joint military group.

Muhammad al-Hadad, the military commander of the Ministry of Defense in the Western Region, received al-Nadori and his companions from Benghazi, who was distinguished by a warm welcome, especially since al-Nadori did not enter the capital. Since 2014, the date of the announcement of the launch of Operation Dignity, through which the Libyan army has restored its structural structure. His program is led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

New suggestions

Informed sources said al-Nadori arrived in Tripoli to hold fresh consultations with al-Hattat, in the context of unifying the military establishment, which took place between them in Sirte last December and January. Observers believe the visit comes against the backdrop of national initiatives to address the country’s deepening crisis since 2011, and days after oil production and exports resumed in areas under Libyan national influence in the central, eastern and western regions. The change at the head of National Oil Corporation was through an agreement between the outgoing government of Abdel Hamid al-Tabaiba and the army’s general command in Benghazi, the sources said.

Observers pointed out that al-Nadori’s visit to Tripoli confirms a rapprochement between the government of national unity and the military leadership amid efforts to break the political deadlock facing the country, especially since Dabaiba is still in office. He is the Minister of Defense in his government and oversees the administration of the military establishment active in the Arab region.

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Emergency session

Meanwhile, Saeed Hadiya, chairman of the House Oversight Organizations Follow-up Committee, said the House intends to hold an emergency session on sovereign positions in the coming days. He said that the Council had done its duty by complying with all the treaties in consultation with the Sovereign Posts and the Council of States, and had on several occasions referred to it the names of candidates for those posts.


A meeting between the House of Representatives in Turkey and Libyan government speakers Aqila Saleh and Khaled al-Mashri is expected to take place in a few days after Ankara invited the parliament speaker as a guest. First of its kind. According to Libyan sources, the leaders of the two councils will reach an urgent consensus between themselves after they were surprised by the National Unity Government on the direction of appointing a new head of the National Oil Corporation.