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Simple ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean are essential to protect against disease


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No defined significance Oral hygiene Not only for humans, but also important for dogs, because oral hygiene is the primary defense against disease, gum disease can cause health problems in the stomach, so seventh day reviews are important steps to protect teeth during the following lines. Your dog As stated on the “petbarn” website.

Protecting the teeth of dogs

Brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste:

Brushing teeth is one of the basic and initial steps that we can start today, whether it is an animal or a person, and cleaning the teeth is the basis for maintaining the health of the animal’s mouth, so brushing is preferable. Brushing daily with a brush designated for soft-bristled animals is preferable when there is no time, preferably once a week using a puree specially formulated for pets and available in different flavors.

Add tooth powder to your dog’s diet:

You can add dental hygiene powder with your dog’s favorite flavor to the food to help promote healthy bacteria in the dog’s mouth.Also, you should add this powder to every food your dog eats. This helps freshen his breath and prevents tartar from forming.


If your dog has bad breath, it is preferable to use a dog dental spray because it will help to take care of his teeth quickly and easily and prevent the formation of tartar.

Chew Toys:

Most dogs like to have fun and play, so he can chew on a toy or a shoe, here he can cause many problems, so you should provide chew toys because they are harmless and help the dog to be busy for a long time. Enjoyable, chewable toys are one of the best solutions to help improve oral health and are made of safe, healthy ingredients.

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Take care of your dog’s teeth

Caring for your dog’s teeth

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