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Singing, artificial intelligence and respect for voices


A few months ago, social networking sites started broadcasting clips of artists singing with other voices, powered by artificial intelligence technology that powers the world.
The last creation of this technology, Amr Mostafa announced a melody dedicated to the late singer Umm Kulthum, we use artificial intelligence technology to place her voice on this melody and we listen to a very small clip of this song. The matter did not stop at the defense of a composer known for his fast-paced rhythmic works (some of which were copied from Western music), but the owner of Alam Al-Fan Company, Mohsen Jafar Mustafa, threatened to sue. He activated the step and released a new song in the voice of Ms. Umm Kulthum.
Amr Mustafa’s response to producer Zafar came as a question about how he accepted that Mrs. Umm Kulthum would appear through “hologram” technology? Is this allowed? As for her singing a new tune, is that forbidden?
This response created a natural interaction of the pioneers of social networking sites, some of whom condemned the action of Amr Mustafa, and some expressed their understanding of the fear of producer Jaber, asking the young composer to give room for the final judgment of the song. Mustafa insists that it will inevitably be published.
Amr Mustafa is not the only one who has announced a melody in the late artist’s voice. Followers on social media aired songs based on the “artificial intelligence” technology, which appeared two days ago in a duet combining the late artist Abdel Halim Hafeez and singer Amr Diab. However, the duet between them came across as light, with an intermittent voice, and Abdel Halim Hafiz’s voice was not clear.
Legal experts confirm that Mohsen Jaber has the right to file a lawsuit if he finds someone who “defaces” an artist’s image. This is what Alam al-Fan sought to do, by fighting for voices that sing for the “giants” whose artistic rights it owns. In fact, Alam Al-Fan has filed lawsuits against the exploitation of artistic content, including music and vocals, by certain singers and songwriters whose work the company monopolizes and acquires the rights to. These lawsuits reached thresholds forcing them to pay huge sums and promised not to expose these products or publish them through social networking sites and various media.
About this experience, actress Magui Bo Ghosn wrote a tweet in which she asked: “Artists’ voices are borrowed, through artificial intelligence technology, to sing, their voices are matched to a large scale … Well, I mean, it is possible. To make a sentence or a whole speech. Borrowing any voice would create as much confusion as this topic.” And the complications?

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Following the comments and interviews conducted by many critics, the concerns are not related to the issue of rights, but concerns related to the sanctification of artistic icons, which should not be touched. What if a male or female singer put a melody that no one cares about? Does it make noise?
With this issue and the increasing volume of talk about artificial intelligence, it is clear that in the coming years, the way people collaborate with each other, especially in song and artistic experiences, will take on more dimensions when others are working. Legalizing these technologies with the consent of the person concerned or singling him out.

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