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Sitt al-Habayeb.. old songs, Mother’s Day is not possible without it


(MENAFN- Youm7) Today, Egyptians celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21 every year, and it is an important occasion immortalized in works of art, whether it is theater or cinema, and there are many famous works that have presented unique scenes. About mom..

Mother’s Day There are many old songs that are sung on Mother’s Day. These songs are considered as special themes as an expression of gratitude, love and strong feelings for the mother. Not every mother’s day goes by without everyone hearing these songs. Love and gratitude.

Among the best songs expressing Mother’s Day:

Faiza Ahmed, Chet El Habayeb Song:

When Faiza Ahmed sings,
With her beautiful melodious voice, she sings in praise of mother, this song is considered as the only song that expresses mother’s day, although there are many songs, it is always there when talking about mother’s day. Poet Husayn al-Sayed.

Faiza Ahmed

Good Morning, My Lady in Cinderella South Hosney..

The beautiful Saud Hosni was a versatile artist who acted, sang and danced, in her artistic history, she presented many works, she sang hit songs with the great poet Salaj Jahin. A standout among those songs is Good Morning, My Majesty. Composed by the late musician Kamal Al-Taweel, ever since hearing it, he feels it with love and gratitude.

Chot Hosni
Awesome Warda Al Jazeera.. A Song Happy New Year, Mom:

The sweetness of Vartha’s voice, delivering the words with love and emotional feelings and the wide voice is undeniable. Happy New Year mom, uncle. Do not repeat, and the kind and gentle words of Abdel Wahab Muhammad.

Artist Varda

Beautiful Shadia.. Mom’s Eyes, Darling:

Artist Shathiya has delivered soft and beautiful songs in her artistic career with a sweet and cheerful voice, but she has also sung special songs for Mother and Children’s Day, including O Mama’s Soul, My Mother, Syed Al Habayeb and other wonderful songs. Her most amazing angelic voice, and the song Mama Ya Sweet, one of the lyrics by Kamal Mansoor and composed by Mounir Murad.



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