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Sky Dubai..a great place in hot weather


In warm weather, Ski Dubai is a great destination for visitors and residents of Dubai.Designed according to the latest technologies in the world, this destination is the first indoor ice resort in the Middle East. The snow layers in “Sky Dubai” are formed by using the technology of global company “Acer Snow System” which creates natural snow following the same pattern as normal snowfall. Snow that falls in a closed chamber is very similar in texture, white color and taste to natural snow that falls on mountains around the world.

The process begins by injecting a spray of water into the air, creating a cloud inside the building that is “sprayed” by fine grains of snow, which form ice crystals that then fall from the cloud. This process only takes place at night because it creates “white clouds” in the middle of the hall. The temperature is set at one to two degrees below zero during normal operation of Ski Dubai, and is reduced to eight degrees below zero at night when the venue is closed to facilitate the creation of new snow.

A mist surrounds the place with rocks and artificial trees. At the center of the center is an open-air lift that takes skiers up a 400-meter-high slope. A white polar bear greets visitors.

The ice making system works around the clock to produce about 120 tons of fresh ice every 24 hours.

The design of the building relies on the principle of thermal insulation to maintain coolness, so it is difficult to allow sunlight to enter the core.

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However, this location is not completely isolated, as it overlooks the nearby Kempinski Hotel, and the hotel’s four restaurants and cafes overlook the resort, offering a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the cool weather from behind the glass. The volume of snow is at least 6,000 tons, while the snow height on the slope is about 50 centimeters, and it is the third largest indoor snow dome in the world.

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