January 30, 2023

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Sky News Arabia launches a website for economic news followers

Sky News Arabia launches a website for economic news followers

By launching this new website, Sky News Arabia seeks to inform its followers of everything new in the world. Economy Its purpose is to uplift the economic culture and to convey new and important messages to Arab youth around the world.

New Economic Forum “Sky News ArabiaWith extensive and consistent coverage of all areas of the economy and business, including quality reporting, short videos, exclusive TV reports and exclusive interviews, financial technology, virtual assets and cryptocurrencies.

The site also reviews economic developments in industry, energy, oil, tourism, real estate, agriculture, commodity manufacturing, international trade, global supply chains and other key topics.

The new economic platform is unique with a list of different charts and infographics, and with a special section for digital videos, it highlights the most important economic events in abbreviated form and focuses more on the information included, targeting decision makers around the world. Followers of finance and business and economic affairs.

The site represents a modern, easy-to-browse platform that provides its visitors with a seamless review of the world’s most important and latest news and developments. Money markets Regional and global.

The new website also reviews recent statistics released by international, research and economic organizations, highlighting the updates and opportunities for the economy emerging from the crises that are most affecting people’s lives. About fluctuations in the prices of assets, stocks, securities and various financial instruments.

“This move reflects the special attention that Arabia pays to economic news, and given the importance of this type of information, it is very important for everyone in the context of the current economic situation around the world,” said Youssef Tsuri. News Director at Sky News Arabia.

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He added, “This view comes from here, where the audience is at the center of our focus, under: your reliable source for economic information.”

The public can browse Website (www.SNAbusiness.com), as well as following the accounts of the economy on all social media sites by name on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (@SNAbusiness) and name on Instagram (@BusinessSNA).