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Smart bike route in Dubai reduces accidents


Mohammed al-Muttarib, managing director of corporate technical assistance at the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, said he wanted the authority to benefit from the results of the smart bike route project. Quality and safety standards on bicycle lanes, and reduce the likelihood of accidents by monitoring the intensity and congestion while cycling and setting up smart warning panels for its riders.

He confirmed to Emirates Today that the smart system for the cycle path will be operational over a four-month period at Not Al Sheba Racecourse, during which all data and information are monitored on a daily basis and analyzed and feasibility studied. Generalizing experience elsewhere.

Al-Mudarreb explained how a computer works, which mainly depends on the work of a camera called a computer view camera, which distinguishes between a cyclist, a pedestrian and a pedestrian.

The camera of the computer is connected to the central control system of the RDA, so the system, for example, can send an alarm and alert if a person is detected walking on the bike path, in its light, the driver is alerted and must be selected later by certain channels, when the system is satisfied the system is accepted and comes into circulation. Results of the first phase process.

In the future, he added, the authority may examine the possibility of placing smart boards on the track, simulating cyclists making certain mistakes, exceeding a certain speed or not wearing a helmet. Awareness and warning about the need to follow safety rules.

Al Mudarreb, Smart Bike Bath System enables the authority to provide real-time statistics on the number of route users, which is an indicator of traffic congestion and thus an increased probability of accidents. As the congestion is immediately linked to the central control system of information and authority, the center may notify the relevant authorities that there are a large number of users, such as the Dubai Ambulance, for example, an ambulance near the area in the event of an accident.

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The current level is limited to data collection, analysis and to ensure its accuracy, which will ensure the security and accuracy of the information to build the system’s tools and increase the level of security on those tracks, and increase the awareness of cyclists.

It is noteworthy that the Smart Bike Route System is part of the implementation of projects and projects aimed at transforming Dubai into a bike-friendly city, where the use of modern technologies is essential to promote their application.

Providing free data packages to users of the “S’hail” application.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has signed two cooperation agreements with Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Corporation (du). , In the coming period.

The agreement was officially signed on behalf of Mohammed al-Muttarib, managing director of the company’s technical support services department, and Abdullah al-Ahmad, senior vice president of sales for government agencies, on behalf of Etisalat. Ahmed Burhaima, the first vice president of government relations, signed on behalf of the “to” company.

Al-Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) stressed the authority’s continued efforts to respond to government orders to make Dubai the smartest city in the world, and to prioritize customers’ agenda over the need for a database or Wi-Fi network that allows “S’hail” users.

He explained that the service will be subject to continuous evaluation, expansion and development in collaboration with service providers across the country.

Error tracking

Mohammed al-Muttareb, executive director of the institutional technical support department of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, confirmed that monitoring errors and abuses for cyclists through the tools of the Smart System for Bicycle Tracks has nothing to do with violations or fines. But, the goal is to achieve compliance with the terms and conditions of those tracks and the security and safety systems.

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Track for kids

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, Nat Al Sheba Bicycle Trail is located near the Maiden Racecourse, and there are three distances (4km, 6km and 8km) on the trail, with lockers, air-conditioned rooms for changing clothes and baths, it glows at night, and that place Includes path for children. Education for the little ones, with traffic lights, bumps and roundabouts.

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