June 5, 2023

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Smart, hard-working and not intending to provoke anyone!

Al Arabiya.net

Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan leads the scene every time, with a demeanor that some might consider provocative, but he always manages to distance himself from his artwork and shine a light on him. The last of these crises were the bundles of dollars that appeared next to him on his private plane.

After the Egyptian artist interacted with a letter from a cardiologist asking him to spend the dollars he donated on his private plane to help the poor, the doctor revealed the details of it because the Egyptian artist had already responded to the doctor’s request. Answer in a previous interview with Al Arabiya.net.

In another report, Professor of Cardiology and former Dean of the Heart Institute, Dr. Jamal Shaban, in an interview with “Sabah Al-Arabiya”, revealed that he has always criticized his style, but he does not go beyond the limits of morality. .

During the meeting he added: “I told him you don’t need these dollars, and I have many cases of cardiac electrical imbalance, and one of the patients is an 18-year-old. A sudden heart attack and needing a defibrillator that weighs 200,000 or 300,000 pounds.” Egypt”

Ramadoss replied and asked to contact the doctor and asked for the names of the hospitals that needed this support. In fact, the doctor met the controversial star because he showed interest in participating in the treatment of cases.

Regarding the accusations leveled at Mohammed Ramadan that his response to donating to sick conditions was nothing more than a “media show”, the doctor completely denied the notion and said that he suggested establishing an organization to organize the support he wanted to provide. , so that there is a consistent charitable activity, not individual cases.

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He revealed that Ramadoss told him that “his mother is guiding him in this direction.”

“I don’t aim to provoke people… I am a simple man,” confirmed Ramadoss. He also confirmed that he is still learning and developing himself.

The doctor added, “When I met him, I found him to be a smart and diligent person, he works systematically, takes art professionally, he studies and has a team, plans everything. What he does is not random.”