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Smartphone Killer “AiPen” Promises World to Get Rid of Screens | Technology



After months of hype, speculation and promises of a device in the future, the “Smartphone Killer” by the company “Humane” has arrived.

Founded by two former Apple employees, the startup launched its much-anticipated product, the AI ​​Pin, a small device that fits in your pocket and is designed to revolutionize the world of computing and technology. .

The company recently shed light on some details about its long-awaited product, but it’s still unclear whether or not this device will actually change your smartphone and make it a thing of the past.

AiPen concept

According to its creators, the “iPen” idea aims to take us to a future far away from the well-known smartphones. Humin’s founders, Imran Shazri and Bethany Bongiorno, say they want to connect users to the real world and use computer technology to improve people’s lives.

To achieve this, they created a device designed to have all the functionality of a smartphone, but with the hope that it would “seamlessly integrate into your life”. Shasri said in an earlier interview: The startup offers the device a healthy alternative to our current situation, away from the screen-related hell that roams the earth like zombies with faces constantly illuminated by the soft, magical light of iPhones.

Its specifications and features

The AI ​​Pen is a square device that magnetically attaches to your clothes or other surfaces. The device is made of high-strength aluminum, and the screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass. It has a normal weight of 34.2 grams, length and width dimensions of 44.5 and 47.5 mm.

The device comes with an advanced octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a frequency of 2.1 GHz, supported by improved and faster artificial intelligence, a storage capacity of 32 GB and a random access memory (RAM) capacity of 4 GB.

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The device works on Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth version 5.1, and supports the fourth generation LTE network via the eSIM chip.

The AiPen device comes with a 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera with 120-degree field of view (f/2.4 lens aperture) and 3D depth sensor. Other sensors include an ambient light sensor, an angular accelerometer, a gyrometer, a magnetometer, and a global positioning system (GPS).

The device has a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, and its power system gives you extra hours of battery life. You can improve the battery with “Battery Booster”. The device is magnetic..

The device is equipped with a laser projector (laser ink display) that displays a green interface with a resolution of 720 pixels on the hand. You can move your hand with various gestures such as tilting and rotating while selecting. Bring your thumb and index finger together to perform an action like clicking, and the device understands this movement and responds quickly.

Additionally, there are two signal lights; A “beacon” light on the frame notifies you of an incoming call, message or notification, while a so-called “trust light” lets you know whether the microphone or camera is active or not.

It’s worth noting that there’s no special word for operating the device, as everything can be activated by tapping on the touchpad, which also accepts double-taps and swipes (volume level, next/last song, etc.). You can use two fingers to take a photo or start a translation.

Interestingly, the device can display a food item in front of a camera and request nutritional information such as sugar or protein content. It will inform you. Your device can tell you about your activity and nutrition goals. Track your progress and help you understand the energy you consume and the energy you produce.

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As for messages, when an AiPen user gets a phone number and mobile service from T-Mobile, Humin uses its artificial intelligence to generate “messages from you.” For example, you can ask the device: “Tell Ahmed from work that I just finished a nice walk. The view is amazing and thanks for the great recommendation.”

Human says the AiPen device does not have apps like smartphones, but instead relies on artificial intelligence. Products from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google and Slack are integrated into the device as service providers, the company said.

One of the more interesting things you can do with the AiPen is command “Catch Me” which summarizes your messages and calls. AI DJ provides a “soundtrack for your life” with a built-in personal speaker and the ability to connect Bluetooth headphones. This requires a subscription to the Tidal program built into the device.

As for the price of the device, the company said it will cost $699, plus $24 per month for access to cellular communications and other services.

Privacy Concerns

This is yet to be confirmed, and it looks like the AiPen device has the potential to be a privacy and security nightmare, which is why I’m very interested to learn more about how this device collects, stores, and protects user data.

So far, the company has not provided detailed information about this important aspect of its product. Bongiorno and Chowdhury said something about privacy, but didn’t share anything new with those interested in protecting customer data. When the microphone, camera or sensors are triggered, the device will display a so-called “trust light”.

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Central control with “human centricity”.

To manage and access data from photos, videos and notes, EIBen controls the management and access to data from photos, videos and notes through a human-centric platform. This platform acts as a central hub for your device, ensuring simple interactions from the setup process to everyday use. When users purchase the device, they are invited to log in through the Privacy Shield portal, which allows the device to adjust its services to suit individuals’ preferences.

Shall we eliminate mobile screens?

Observers and experts believe that it is still unclear whether you should ditch your smartphone and buy an AiPen device. The simple truth is that there are still many things we don’t know about this device. Despite Silicon Valley’s endless efforts to create a new model to replace smartphones, it’s rare to realize that there’s a product that’s trying something new.

Although Humin is certainly trying to do this, there is a lot of confusion about this new and strange product because it is not well known.

Overall, it can be very difficult to understand many aspects of a device before actually trying it out and getting an idea of ​​how it might or might not integrate into everyday life.

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