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To put pressure on the Netanyahu government… A procession of families of Israeli hostages held by Hamas reaches Jerusalem.


A march of families of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas in Gaza has arrived in Jerusalem after starting four days ago from Tel Aviv. The march, which is expected to reach Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, started with 200 participants, but the number of people who joined it reached about 20,000, according to France 24, a strong indication of the huge popular support it enjoys. Correspondent Leila Ode in Jerusalem reported. The main demand of the families is to bring back their loved ones alive, for which they are expected to meet all members of the military “cabinet” and urge them to get more details and information about the progress of the file. Hamas militants arrested around 240 people in an October 7 attack on southern Israel. The prisoners, including infants and grandparents, are believed to be held in tunnels deep under the Gaza Strip.

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To put pressure on their country’s government, thousands of Israelis came to participate in a protest march led by him Families of those arrested by Hamas On Saturday from Gaza to Jerusalem, where he is scheduled to meet Benny Kantz and Gadi Eisenkot, members of the Israeli wartime government.

The march started from Tel Aviv on Tuesday. After thousands of participants walked 60 kilometers, they arrived at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s headquarters in Jerusalem on Saturday, carrying signs reading “Send them back to their homes now” in addition to Israeli flags and pictures of hostages. .

Around 240 people, including foreigners, were taken hostage and taken into the Gaza Strip during an unprecedented attack by the Islamist movement (Hamas) on the border with the Hebrew state last month.

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Families of hostages hold the government accountable for not providing them with details of efforts to free their loved ones.

The Hostage Families Forum was established after a surprise attack by Hamas killed about 1,200 people, most of them civilians, according to Israeli officials.

The Hebrew government vowed to “destroy” Hamas. Since the attack, it has launched an intensive air and artillery bombardment campaign in Gaza, and on October 27 launched ground operations that have killed more than 12,000 people in the Gaza Strip, most of them civilians, including five thousand children, according to the latest Hamas government count.

One of the march organizers, Powell Haran, whose father was killed and whose mother and six other family members have been detained since the day of the attack, said relatives of the hostages wanted to “oppose” members of the Israeli government.

According to diplomatic sources, Qatar is brokering the release of several hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners and a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Qatar’s mediation earlier paved the way for the release of four Hamas hostages, all of them women.

The Israeli military announced on Friday that it had found the body of soldier Noah Marciano, 19, a hostage of Hamas, in a building adjacent to a hospital, and his death was reported earlier. It was the second hostage’s body found in the Gaza Strip in less than 24 hours, after it announced Thursday evening that it had also found the body of 65-year-old hostage Yehudith Weiss, blaming Hamas. “Killing” her.

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