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Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 vs Exynos 2200


Samsung is updating its flagship smartphones every year and every year, and there is a controversial issue: which is better, Snapdragon or Exynos? Exynos is the company’s in-chipset that runs some of its phones every year, and as always, it’s part of making sure Europe gets the Exynos chip. America tends to get a Snapdragon chip. This year, India received the Snapdragon chip for the first time Samsung Galaxy S22 Like the series and the clock, the Exynos has arrived in Europe.

As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra seems to have some major issues with its retail units. Visual flashing issues were fixed, and there were performance issues. Since the publication of our article, several customers have contacted me on Twitter and told me that Exynos-based S22 units have similar performance issues. I have even seen it Some users Says it got worse after the last update. At least remember that According to the famous leak Max ComporySamsung is aware of the performance issues that Exynos devices are currently experiencing.

To be fair to Samsung, many customers have told me that there are no problems with their units. Purpose of this article Not every user can say that they have this experienceHowever, a large number of consumers complain about the performance of their devices. I was now able to hold hands Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1The Galaxy S22 Ultra powered unit is supplied by Samsung PR in the US, which I tested against Samsung’s Exynos powered retail unit purchased directly from Ireland. The results may be in line with what you expect.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Snapdragon vs Exynos

In context, I was initially going to set up a new one to compare these two devices to each other, but realized that no test would be a description of the actual device currently in use. The standards are right on an empty device with nothing installed, and people buy phones to use outside of the standards, right?

Instead, developer options were used to block playback processes on the device, and you have no functionality on either device. If possible, these devices may be disconnected from the Internet and not receive Bosch notifications to interrupt testing. Basically, you make sure that no processes are running in the background and that there are no network crashes.

Both devices have been updated to the latest available software versions, with build numbers and build dates below.

  • Exynos version: S908BXXU1AVBF / S908BOXm1AVBF (Created: February 23)
  • Snapdragon version: S908U1UEU1AVA6 / S908U1OYM1AVA6 (Creation Date: January 8)


First, I connected the two devices side by side to test the differences. I tested the Geekbench 5 on both the Galaxy S22 Ultras I ordered Niles Arinsmeyer To do Technology News Run it on his Exynos device.

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These results already show a significant difference in performance between the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Exynos variant and the Snapdragon variant. However, the charges are not all, and it is very possible that the phone will perform better without the key indicators being reached on a high score scale.

Throttle and durable performance

Stable performance is one of the most important measurements to consider when using a smartphone. If prolonged performance is poor, you will greatly reduce performance after a short period of time. I did a test comparing these two devices corrected In their performance, the Snapdragon chipset is full-time. This still had a very reasonable effect on exinos and did not indicate a problem.

Energy consumption

While running the CPU throttling test, I was able to measure the maximum power consumption of each of my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra devices. At the height of the test, I was shocked to see that both the Exynos variant and the Snapdragon variant were displayed on the screen in low light. 11.84 W and 7.76 W. Respectively. It makes a huge difference in power consumption and shows how efficient the Exynos chipset is. This means that in long-term use, the Exynos 2200 will reduce battery life when the device is loaded.

Some of these factors were contributed to by other factors such as screen. However, there is a big difference in energy use.

In my test, I found that Exynos devices have more negative drainage, so users will experience shorter wait times than Snapdragon.

Application version testing

We have created a real apps version speed test that offers some popular apps that are used 10 times in a row every day. All these applications were ‘cool’ launched on the device, meaning they were not temporarily stored in memory before the application was launched. The main function of the application is to stop the time when you first start drawing, so you do not have to wait until the content is loaded from the network. Therefore, this test can determine how quickly the device loads the application from storage to memory, and this test can detect changes in applications and OS versions. This makes it much easier to make straightforward decisions when comparing two different brands of the same phone.

Snapdragon Device releases apps much faster than Exynos device. Exynos is one of the worst performing devices in this range. On average, it takes more than a second to launch applications. It may not seem big, but imagine trying to do multiple things at once on your smartphone? It spreads quickly when you encounter every little obstacle between you and your work.

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Exynos Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra stumbles upon popular usage

Above, I have included a video to show some issues I noticed in the Exynos variant which is not in the Snapdragon variant. It’s included as a source to show real world changes in some of these issues, and I’m signed in to the same apps on both devices. I do not use any device differently than usual, and all the same apps I signed in to my OPPO Find N, OnePlus 9 Pro and Google Pixel are the same apps I signed in to on my Exynos. 6 Pro, to name a few.

All of these performance issues, from late login to UI stuttering and late integration of the S Pen make for a bad experience. In my work the phone is slow and active and the software update does not improve the situation. It only takes a few seconds to take a screenshot on a Snapdragon device and take it out, whereas on a Snapdragon device it is an instant action. The Exynos 2200 experience is the equivalent of using a budget device, and everything takes a second longer than expected from a great flagship.

The Exynos 2200 experience is the equivalent of using a budget device, and everything takes a second longer than expected from a great flagship.

As I mentioned earlier, many users have contacted me to talk about the bad experience of the Exynos 2200 variant of this device. Not a single user with the Snapdragon chipset approached me to complain about it. I do not know if every Exynos user encounters these issues, but most of them definitely do. I went so far as to try to run high performance mode on my battery systems, but it made no difference. Since there is free RAM at all times, I do not see any indication that memory management is a problem.

In other aspects of these devices, I really did not notice any difference. The cameras are close to each other — albeit not equally — I think it comes to a small margin of my own use for Qualcomm) and the placement is almost identical to anything that is not powerful. Walking around and shooting in Barcelona works well on both devices and I did not notice any issues with this.

Exynos is important to the Android ecosystem, but this experience is unacceptable

It hurts me to say that, but when it comes to Android smartphones Exynos is important. Qualcomm has almost a monopoly on the leading Android market … and, admittedly, MediaTek is fast catching up. Samsung, the largest Android OEM in space, uses its own chips in most of its portfolio. Some Summary on Qualcomm, and in a better world, users will prefer the Exynos chipset over the number of users who prefer Qualcomm chips.

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The cause of these problems is difficult to determine. It may be the Exynos 2200 because it is not completely identical to other Exynos Snapdragon in the past. Or Samsung may have accidentally messed up software in Exynos variants. Samsung does not appear to have publicly announced any of the Exynos variants. Computer based The company says it has refused to disclose whether the update will come when approached.

In the past, like the Exynos Galaxy S21 Ultra, gaming performance was poor throughout the product life cycle because the Exynos 2100 could not run and no software updates were integrated with its Snapdragon. As a result, the Galaxy S21 Ultra failed to get a better performance recommendation because how well you play on the device depends on where you buy the device from. Also, this is unacceptable as the phone has a release price of $ 1,06,000 / 1,249.

At the moment, the Exynos 2200 Galaxy S22 Ultra is completely unusable as a daily driver.

If you’ve lived in Europe, all I can say for now is stop buying the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. At the moment, the Exynos 2200 Galaxy S22 Ultra is completely unusable as a daily driver. This is an incredible setback And this Battery life is also bad. There was no improvement and I had to turn off my mobile several times during the day. It is hard for me to recommend a more expensive, poorly performing product, and if I do not highlight these issues that I have in my retail industry, I will be discredited as a reviewer. As long as other OEMs offer the best brands that continue to perform like the best brands in your area, there are very few reasons to buy the Exynos Galaxy S22 series and play the lottery to see if you get the best device. Base layer. Some Exynos users get a good device, some do not – it is unacceptable.

In conclusion, the Snapdragon Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Exynos Galaxy S22 Ultra are two smartphones that are completely different from my view. When you buy the latest Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone, you are buying a completely different smartphone depending on the region where you live. Just like other smartphone series, buying a device in a country does not mean that it will perform better. The same device is more than just purchased in another country, but these are two variants made by Samsung.

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