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Sony Introduces New Revolutionary New Linkbuds S Headphones For LinkBuds |  Technology

Sony Introduces New Revolutionary New Linkbuds S Headphones For LinkBuds | Technology

Sony today announced its latest addition to its LinkBuds series: Linkbuds S. The new model enhances the new audio experience based on Sony’s sensor technology and maintains the “switch off” listening experience with partners.

Utilizing sensor and spatial audio technology, these headphones offer captivating audio entertainment in augmented reality games such as Increase.[i]. The new model is designed to make it easier than ever to listen to your favorite artists with quick access to music.

In addition, Linkbuds S headphones offer excellent selection for content streaming throughout the day, and enjoy small details of music, video or social media content created by content makers using Sony’s popular noise-canceling technology and high-definition audio.

No need to turn it off

The world’s smallest and lightest wireless headphones have noise reduction technology and high reliability sound[ii]

To provide greater comfort, Sony has designed these headphones to be ultra-compact in size and light in weight with 4.8 grams. Linkbuds S headphones incorporate an ergonomic design that fits the ear shape with high consistency, avoiding any distractions that may prevent you from fully enjoying your hobby.

Noise cancellation

Natural surround sound to connect with whatever is happening in your world

Linkbuds S brings you the best of both the Internet and the world around you. It integrates LinkBuds’ innovative surround sound concept, which allows you to communicate with the world around you and focus on the content you want with high-quality noise cancellation. With these headphones, you can easily enter the cafe, order what you need, and then sit back and enjoy your favorite pastime quickly without being distracted.

Ambient sound feedback

These headphones also have adaptive sound tuning, which is a smart feature that adjusts the ambient sound settings to suit your location to provide a better listening experience. This way, you can listen to what’s going on around you, listen to your songs and run your favorite entertainment shows.

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New audio experience for augmented reality games

Sony has teamed up with Niantic to create an augmented reality game in the field of audio augmented reality that can be enjoyed in both film and sound. When running the partner company “Increase” with LinkedIn S headphones, sensor technology and spatial audio allow you to experience the new experience of sound coming from the direction you are looking.

Clear calls

Making calls on a loud street or on a windy day is easy with Linkbuds S, which thanks to Sony’s precise audio capture technology perfectly tunes the microphones on both headphones using the mesh system around the microphones. Now you can enjoy clear conversations and communicate with your co-workers and friends anytime anywhere.

Very clear conversations

Deep sound, real music

Linkbuds S headphones create high-speed sound by recreating the original music, so you can enjoy the best details of your music, video or social media content with the clarity of its production.

With a 5mm drive unit, these headphones deliver incredible performance, powerful bass and pure sound, despite their small size for excellent sound for your favorite entertainment content. Sony’s built-in processor V1 improves noise cancellation, improves sound quality and reduces noise by using less power to reduce noise even when traveling in crowded traffic.

Newer headphones allow you to enjoy high-definition wireless audio[iii], Thanks to the LDAC audio encoding technology adopted by Sony in this field. Recover your music to a higher level with DSEE Extreme[iv] Enhances digital music files in real time to enjoy the smallest detail of your favorite music tracks.


Hands free and hassle free control

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Communication is the basis of life and talk-chat[v]Based on precise audio capture technology, the music will automatically pause when you speak to someone, making it much easier to speak even when your hands are busy.

Speak-to-chat feature

Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, these new headphones allow you to perform daily tasks hands-free while traveling. So you can connect with friends or family, get information, listen to music, set reminders and much more[vi].

Complete control over your fingertips

Thanks to the easy-to-use touch control panel, you can change audio settings, enable quick focus and restart Spotify Music Playback.[vii] Or Endel[viii], By touching your headphones. With Endel, you can create custom, natural sounds that give your body and mind the perfect fit, so that you are completely immersed in the sound as you perform tasks.

Swift pair for quick Bluetooth connectivity

Linkbuds S supports Google’s new Fast Pair feature, which allows you to quickly and easily connect headphones to your Android ️ device. The Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to connect your headphones to your Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop, PC or tablet.

Lingbuts s

The next generation of Bluetooth technology

These headphones are equipped to use LE audio, which uses the next generation Bluetooth audio, which enables very low latency, making it ideal for gaming.[ix].

Created with the environment in mind

Linkbuds S headphones are designed not only for elegance and modernity, but also for the environment. Like other LinkBuds series, all headphone packaging is plastic-free[x] It is made from recycled materials from leftover auto parts, which reflects Sony’s commitment to minimizing the negative impact of its products on the environment.

Always connected to others by long battery

Sony understands how important it is to listen to your favorite content on your smartphone. So, the Sony Linkbuds S headphones are fitted with a charger all day – running for 6 hours while charging the earphones and noise reduction technology – and another 14 hours in a stylish and compact charging case.

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And if you are in a hurry, you can charge the headphones for just 5 minutes and use them for up to 60 minutes.

News from Sony Partners

Linkbuds S, which connects the online world and the world around us, continues to provide a variety of services for better and newer audio experiences. Here is a message from Sony’s strategic partner.

Arshit Bhargava, Product Marketing Director, Niantic, Inc.

Niantic has a vision of the “real world of Metaverse”, that is, adding layers of digitally augmented reality to the real world. Although AR layers are currently visible, we hope that adding an audio layer will create a very different AR experience and make the real world more enjoyable and relaxing. Sony’s LinkBuds series headphones add layered sound without compromising real-world audio and visual data. When used with the various games offered by Niantic, it takes gaming to unprecedented new levels. The new feature of Ingress, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, will be available before summer. We hope you enjoy this new feature in the Sony LinkBuds series.

Finally, look forward to the augmented reality experience that integrates LinkBuds-class headphones with our Lightship platform, which forms the basis of Niantic games, available soon.

Lingbuts s


Linkbuds S headphones will be available in white, black and light brown in the Middle East and Africa from June 2022. Available in the region by the end of June 2022.