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Nintendo launches new ad for Kirby and Forgotten Earth, Switch launches next month


Photo: Nintendo

Kirby is celebrating his 30th birthday this year, and as part of this, Nintendo is releasing a new adventure Kirby and the Forgotten Land To switch.

It’s coming on March 25th next month, and before the game’s release, Nintendo has created excitement with all sorts of trailers. We saw that recently Kirby’s car looks like it was on the latest Nintendo Direct showNow, Nintendo of the United States has released a new ad.

It’s only 30 seconds, but it manages to bring out all sorts of scenes – highlighting the fun gameplay offered in the latest version.

Again, this game is coming out next month – and in its appearance, There will also be amiibo support. Kirby doesn’t have that much this year either. As mentioned, this will be his 30th party in 2022, and it looks like Nintendo is planning various projects.

This is what Nintendo said in its profile Recent Financial Statement Consider how HAL works with Labs:

“This year marks the 30th anniversary of Kirby. To celebrate this year’s anniversary, we are planning various projects in conjunction with developer Kirby’s HAL Lab with the aim of sharing the magic of the Kirby series with many.

If you missed the first round, here’s another look at Kirby’s car intake:

Will you give it a try when the new Kirby game hits the Nintendo Switch next month? Leave a comment below.

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