May 29, 2023

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Statement: The human brain works more when playing against the computer

A new report shows that playing video games against the computer forces the human brain to focus and work harder than playing against another human. The study was published in the journal evening standard English, implemented by several researchers at the University of Florida with the help of a few volunteers.

Researchers followed volunteers, played against other players for a period of time, and fitted them with equipment that monitored their brain activity during the study, finding that brain cells were firing in sync as a sign of relief, not stress.

But when the subjects were tested and made to play against the computer, that coherence decreased significantly, as did brain stress and increased focus.

Imagine 100,000 fans cheering at once in a stadium, it’s like brain cells synchronizing, signaling relief and not stress. If these fans are busy with distracting side chatter, they are also busy, but out of sync with each other.

Professor Daniel Ferris is one of the researchers, according to the Evening Standard

The report added that the researchers observed that the brain was more active when playing against the computer, as opposed to playing against other players. It seems that being defeated by another human is not as difficult as being defeated by a computer!

Honestly, the research makes sense, how often do you feel pressure when playing against the computer when you feel like you’re going to lose? In online shooter games or games like FIFA or WWE 2K, if you lose to another player, he’s a human being like you, not programmed code!

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