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Statistics: Egypt increased its population by 750,000 within 180 days.


By Medhat Adel

Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 11:35 am

A population clock was announced on top of a building Central Institute for Public Mobilization and Statistics Today, Egypt’s population within Egypt has reached 104 million and 750 thousand people, an increase of 750 thousand people within 180 days; As of October 1 last year, Egypt’s population recorded 104 million people.

Egypt recorded the first quarter of a million people after 104 million on November 26 last year, that is, within 56 days, bringing the total population of Egypt to 104 million and bringing 250 thousand people, and then in the second quarter of the year, on January 24, million people increased. That is, within 59 days, then three quarters Million people were registered today, that is within 65 days.

Cairo Governorate tops the list of the top ten governorates by population, with a population of 10.2 million, followed by Giza with 9.5 million, followed by Sharqia with 7.9 million, then Daqalya with 7 million, then Buhaira with 6.9 million, then Minya with 6.3 million, and then Qalubiyya. 6.1 million people, then Sohag with 5.7 million people, then Alexandria with 5.5 million people, and finally Karbia with 5.4 million people.

Assiut Governorate’s population reached 5 million, with Menofia 4.7 million, Fayom 4.1 million, Kafr el-Sheikh 3.7 million, Qana 3.6 million, Beni Suf 3.6 million, Aswan 1.6 million, Tamita 1.6 million, and Ismailia 1.5 million. Luxor, Port 790.7 thousand people, Suez 790.4 thousand people, Matrou 542.8 thousand people, North Sinai 450.5 thousand people, Red Sea 401.8 thousand people, New Valley 265.5 thousand people, South Sinai 114.8 thousand people.

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