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Stay away from the sun.. products are an alternative to tanning sessions


Bronze skin is a summer trend without houses, but not everyone can get an attractive bronze color, so you can use some alternative products that will give you the skin tone you want, but only temporarily.

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There are specific ways to get a bronze skin tone, the first of which is to spend hours under the sun, using sunscreen cream that protects against harmful sun rays, but not everyone likes this task. Burning sun rays can irritate you.

There is another alternative, which is the tanning bed, a technique available in skin care clinics, but in both cases, these techniques lead to the rapid breakdown of collagen, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of the sun. spots, and sagging at a young age.

Carmen Castella, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at New York Dermatology Group, tells Real Simple that tanning, tanning, and unprotected sun exposure increase your risk of skin cancer.

What should a person do if they want bronzed skin in summer?! Especially if he’s looking for a way that won’t damage or harm the skin.

Bronze Skin Care:

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Self-tanners are a safe alternative to tanning beds and direct sunlight, and they work by temporarily changing the color of the outer layer of skin.

1- Bronze spray

Even though tanning products are old in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your skin. Also, the method of application is a big factor in the final look. Spray tanning is an alternative method to tanning sessions and can be used on a targeted area rather than the entire body.

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2- bronze powder

Even a light application of bronzer powder can give you an attractive summer look. Bronzer is used to highlight certain areas of your face, such as your hairline, temples, nose and cheeks – not to sculpt your entire face. , especially since the sun doesn’t hit, the face remains the same.

You can use bronzer on other parts of your body like your collarbone, your chin and shoulders. Experts recommend using a large, fluffy brush and making sure you blend it well for a natural look.

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3- Drops of bronze

One of the most popular makeup products on social media is bronzer drops that are used to sculpt the face. You can rely on this as an alternative to tanning by applying a few drops of bronzer to your daily facial moisturizer or foundation cream. On your face, neck and chest. You will get a beautiful temporary tan. The more you use, the deeper the brown.

4- Foundation cream

Body foundation is a great choice for those who want to cover up imperfections while getting a nice tan. The color is determined by the level of tan you are looking for.

After exfoliating and moisturizing, use a large fluffy makeup brush to apply foundation to your legs, arms, chest and midsection. You can use it on your hands just like you would a moisturizer.

To make sure your foundation lasts as long as possible, apply a translucent powder or setting spray over it.

5- Weekly exfoliation

Physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants won’t give you a bronzer, but they can brighten your complexion. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin.

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After getting to know the products as an alternative to tanning sessions, what do you think about Tan Solutions tanning methods?

**Note from “”: Consult a professional before using this recipe or treatment.

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