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Steps to solve WhatsApp not working problem


In the following lines we will see the methods and methods to solve the problem of WhatsApp web not working on computer.

Where some people are asking about the solution for WhatsApp not working on computer due to WhatsApp application working problems, WhatsApp logout from the web etc.

And about solving QR Code WhatsApp problem, here are some solutions to solve these problems.

Uninstallation: You can uninstall the program and re-download the following:
In Windows 10 go to start>Settings>Apps.
Select the application and features
Select WhatsApp from the list of apps.
Click on the WhatsApp option and press the Uninstall button.

Locate the WhatsApp app, double-click it, reinstall it, and wait for the app to run again.

Restart: You can turn it off completely and restart as follows

Press ctrl + shift + Esc together on the keyboard. This command will open task manager for you. Click the End task button.
Go back to restart WhatsApp.
Tip: Make sure you are using a strong and stable Wi-Fi network and that the network on your computer is the same as the one you use on your phone.
Make sure you follow the steps below to run WhatsApp on computer without phone.
Make sure your phone has cellular network until you get a confirmation message.
After connecting it, you can access your account through the computer without the steps of scanning the barcode.
After completing all the download and installation steps, you will be able to send and receive messages through the WhatsApp application installed on your computer without the need to use your phone.

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