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Stop putting your phone on the rice

Stop putting your phone on the rice

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As long as there are smartphones, people will drop them in the water and put them in words. The “trick” of retrieving a submerged phone has become quite common. Let’s explain.

Where does it come from?

The rice trick has been around forever, and there’s a good chance you’ve done this before – I know I did. Where did this general advice come from? This is a good question.

One of the first well-publicized examples of recommended “rice” rice is a Lifehacker News June 2007. Dry rice is said to “absorb the moisture around it”. Since then, the same reason has been repeated.

Stunt certainly preceded smartphones, but it really caught on as more and more people began to carry expensive and fragile devices. Do not play slowly with water. People want to know what to do when they drop their phones in the water and the rice trick has met that need.

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Why you should not work

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Here’s the hard truth about putting a wet phone in rice – it does nothing. Rice has no magical moisturizing power. You must place the phone in a completely empty container.

Cedar has the ability to absorb wet speech water, but it is much weaker. In addition, it does not solve the main problem. Even a strong desiccant like silica gel will not reach the most harmful liquid Inside From the phone.

In some cases, if the water in the phone does not go too far, it can be stored by letting it dry and giving it time to dry. In fact people think that rice did something while leaving the phone alone for a while and doing that work.

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To make matters worse, rice is resistant to water damage in some cases. The fine rice “dust” enters the ports and mixes with the water to form an ointment-like substance that is difficult to remove.

How to keep the phone wet

The key to keeping the phone wet is not having to wait for it to dry. This may work if you are lucky, but it can be very effective In fact, remove as much water as possible soon. Letting it dry will leave all the conductive material in the water.

If your phone is submerged in water, the first step is to turn it off immediately. Do not attempt to run it if the water is turned off. You need to remove anything that you can remove. This includes cases, SIM card tray, micro SD card tray and battery (even if it is removable).

Then you can go with less technology and drain the water from the stores using fan or compressed air. However, this does not help the water that enters the phone. To remove the water yourself, you need to open it. From there, you can rub it with 90% + isopropyl alcohol or place it in front of the fan.

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We will never know who was the first person to put a wet phone in a bowl of rice, but the “trick” has been around for a long time. Fortunately, h Most smartphones Today there is a certain level நீர்ப்புகா. Best for you Get something like this And this Take other precautionary measures. Store the rice for dinner.

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