March 20, 2023

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Students will not be affected by the increase in the price of books in the next academic year

Students will not be affected by the increase in the price of books in the next academic year

Principals of private schools reported that the price of textbooks for the next academic year has increased by 24 to 50% over the previous academic year.

Attributing the increase in customs duty and high printing cost of books from abroad, they said that the students would not be affected by the price difference as the schools could not raise the price of the books themselves and would have to get a book for this. Approval decision from responsible authorities.

Amin Al Nizami, owner of Victoria International Schools in Sharjah, said the cost of imported books for the next academic year has increased by 24% compared to last academic year due to shipping and customs clearance fees. He insisted on not increasing the price of books for students as this would require approval from the Ministry of Education or the Sharjah Private Education Authority.

Al-Nijami added that school books are an important part of the educational process and students should not seek other means to cover them, pointing to the school’s interest in supporting students and getting better education. Although it did not achieve the desired revenue.

Ibrahim Baraka, the founder of Al-Shula Private Schools, confirmed that the cost of textbooks has increased by 30 to 50% due to printing costs. Baraka said: “I finally signed the bill for school books for the new year, which is eight million dirhams. This is a higher number compared to the amount allocated for this purchase last year,” he said, adding that “the increase in the price of books will only fall on the schools and the students will not be affected”.

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Fatima Abu Mowais, Director of Al-Kamal Private School, said, “The ministry has not approved us to raise the price of books, but there is a real increase in schools in books and books from abroad. The ministerial curriculum.” And he continued, “We do not have the right to increase the price of students’ books even by a single penny, because the increase is conditional on the approval of the Sharjah Special Education Authority, which did not happen, so the price difference is borne by the schools.”

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