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Study Reveals Importance of Travel for Psychological and Mental Health |  Mental Health News

Study Reveals Importance of Travel for Psychological and Mental Health | Mental Health News


I showed study A recent issue of the Journal of Tourism Management (Tourism ManagementTravel is a form of psychotherapy that can be beneficial even for people with dementia.

By enhancing thinking, emotional experiences, and fostering positive psychological experiences, travel therapy may also benefit people with other mental health problems, the researchers said.

Psychiatrist Tish Malone told a journal specializing in mental health (Free Well Mind) that research shows that your brain rewires when stimuli, environments and people change.

He said that emotional and cognitive stimulation are important for mental health, travel is a new environment and a different culture, and the doctor recommended choosing destinations that meet each person’s general needs.

The motivations are comfort, exposure and connecting with another culture, Malone said, before adding that “regardless of the reason for travel, the mind must embrace the best that the experience has to offer.”

Research shows that frequent travel can make life happier.

Travel Boosts Happy Hormones (Unsplash)

A sense of balance

“Traveling to new environments provides a social and emotional experience that increases happiness hormones and leads to learning in ways that are different from the usual structure of our everyday environment,” neuroscientist and clinical social worker Renda Weaver told Free Wellmind.

Weaver notes that there is already evidence that creative activity and experiences help stimulate the brain, and she points out how important it is to relax after work.

“How many of us are looking forward to the weekend?” she asked. We all need ways to escape mentally and physically, and our brains are always looking for a way to help us regain a sense of balance.

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Weaver believes that traveling for a while can provide this mental or emotional escape that can help “change our perspective and remind us that our problems are small compared to the size of the world.”

The neuroscientist said, “In the absence of stimulating activities and experiences, our brains become bored and sleepy,” while the experience of travel releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which heal our bodies and make them work better.